A PC build for Josepepowner

Since Josepepowner can't start a thread I've made one for you, just comment what you would put in the OP

For anyone else that reads this, I don't really use Email, it confuses the hell out ot me, so

"my issue is I need a good motherboard for the 1155 socket, I just don't know what to get.

My current Specs are as follows

  • AMD ASUS V Formula
  • CPU AMD 6200 zambezi
  • GPU EVGA 670 FTW
  • Ram Balstic 1866 

I want Intel beacause the Bulldozer was a fail IMO so was wondering if you could lead me in a good direction for an Intel Mobo and maybe a CPU that is 1155 socket based so in case I have to get the Ivy bridge"

could you give me a budget and what all you want to do with it, and what games you want to play