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A New York Power Plant Is Mining $50K Worth of Bitcoin a Day - CoinDesk


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He did :smiley:


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You know @Adubs was being charitable, rather than just closing low effort post.



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That entire article is basically pointless.

Ok it generates 5.5 btc a day. What was the installation cost? What’s the maintainable and ongoing power cost? What’s the actual profitability of the operation? It’s basically noise without that information.

$37 k should do quite something to the bottom line when the plant can’t sell the power it produces.
Won’t help running costs on a normal day though.

From the article:

The server farm currently consumes 14 megawatts of the 106 megawatts of Greenidge’s capacity. That’s enough electricity to power well over 11,000 average U.S. homes.

Basically, instead of red numbers when grid demand is low, they just soak up the power themself.

The article referenced in OPs article link

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Time to take out the power system

Dun matter in the apocalypse kek

soem machines to use up excess wind power might be fun- but I don’t think miners spin up and down quick enough for either type of power generator [edit, gas spins down pretty cheaply]

Wind turbines also are pretty quick to spin up and down. Coal and Nuclear does not, which is why on windy days you often see them stopped.
Mining would be a good way to make use of them in those cases.