A New Streaming Service?

For a few months now I have used the website Project Free TV to stream a lot of my television (mainly Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead) and now in the UK, the 6 major ISP's have banned this site and a few others because the government says so (as bloody always). Now I am left with no way to stream what I need. Proxy servers have not worked so I put it to you, amazing people of Tek Syndicate. What other streaming service can I use? Post your suggestions below and I'll pray that Sky hasn't bloody blocked it.


BatchTheBrit - A rather pissed off englisman

Have you tried http://www.tvmuse.eu/tv-shows/ find your show then your episode and then scroll to the comments and see This comment is hidden because it's likely to be inappropriate or spam.  Click here to show. click to show and it should give you links..

You could also try movie4k..

Tvmuse could work, at least Sky isn't blocking it and unfortunately the bastards at sky have blocked movie4k



also ch131 may work