A new step in physics

After playing GTA-4 I was surprised how many people did not simply marvel at the physics engine.

The euphoria physics engine is what allowed Niko and all the NPC's to react in such a human and natural way. Did anyone notice how realistically people reacted to gunshot wounds and falling long distances? And how when you got hit by a car the way Niko moved his body? This was all possible because of this physics engine and I think that anyone making a new game would HAVE to use this in their game. I am tired of flopping ragdolls, I want something more human and more realistic.

heres the link to the company that made euphoria http://naturalmotion.com/

and heres a video demonstrating the gta 4 physics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXXOY2VmWB4

simply amazing. but why does gta 4 have to come out in november?


Probably fixing the controls,glitches in the game, making it better :)

well thats what I mean, all new games should have EVERYONE of these features. and pinoysigma has a point, this physics engine INTEGRATES with the original physics engine of games, maybe it would be possible to have euphoria physics implemented into the source game engine

ohh that would make the game actually good!

I'm probably gonna get a lot of stick for this, but I don't think it will be good on PC....as it might be just ported from 360 or PS3. Hopefully they don't, then I'll buy it. But if not I won't as the graphics etc probably won't look much better.

the only problam with the physics in GTA 4 is that if u get the tiniest touch from a car going .001 mph, it takes like 10 seconds to get ur balaance, but thats the ONLY flaw everything else is amazing. especially when he gets drunk lol.

well even in real life I think getting hit by any car at any speed would at least make you lose your balance but yes I see your point

I wouldn't loos my balance. I'd be like throwing rocks at this dudes car.

Wow, thats amazing.. I dont play GTA much.. but after seeing this I want to try it hehe.