A new Mouse for a Piano Player with Baseballglove sized Hands!

Hey Guys ! I am a PC Gamer and Hardware freak , that prefers to play FPS`s and RTs`s. IM currently using a razer Abyssus and my Hands are just too big for it. Im getting da Pains man , if you know what i mean . I was testing a few mice that my Friends recommended for me at their computer , and no mouse turned ou to be Comfortable for me .

The mice i tested were :

Razer Deathadder

Roccat Kone +

Logitech M500X

Logitech G9X

Steelseries Sensei.

So , i hope you guys will provide a few Answers for me , and i would be happy if you could help me.

Sorry for my bad Grammar , but im german .

PS: Atleast im not talking like Arnie or the Medic from TF2. ZHIS TOPIC IS WUNDERBARR !

How about a adjustable size cyborg rat 7 or 9? 

The G400 is a pretty decent sized mouse.

Here is a comparison of it to a Soda can.

For my weight i've got abnormally large hands and i find the steelseries Ikari to be a perfect fit, i'd recommend that first.

My friends with large hands also recommend the Logitech g500. And one final mouse to look at would be the mouse that logan recently reviewed on here, i've got big hands but shit, that thing is BIG.

Love my Deathadder black edition, Definitley the perfect mouse for my large hands compared to my old logitech, and i have pretty large hands

Something the size of a deathnadder should be good, i was spurised to find length more of a factor in comfortability compared to width, the G9x is way to short to be comfortable for large hands so id stay away from that.

Well thanks for your answers , guys ! Im going to check the cyborg R.A.T 7 out tomorrow , and i hope it will be a nice and COMFORTABLE experience. So thank you all for helping me , and i will see you at another feed . Bye !

For people with enormous hands only Cooler Master Sentinel Advance 2 does the job