A new monitor for the ages

So I tend to be kind of picky about screens. About 10 years ago (when I got my first good job), I decided to get a really good screen that would last me. It was a 24” 1920x1200 Dell (and yes, it cost a LOT).

I LOVE this monitor even though it has some flaws. Its refresh rate is low, but has superb color and is -->extremely<-- well built.

Alas it’s starting to yellow and its color fading. SO! I need a new screen.

Here is what I am looking for:

  • Something in the 30” range.
  • 16:10 Ratio (I am flexible, but I really like the extra pixels at the bottom for movies and YouTube).
  • A mat finish (I hate gloss with a passion).
  • Well built, preferable with a good (3+ Year) warranty. I would like this to be the default and not an extended as it shows me the manufactory trusts their components.
  • I need glasses so super high resolution is not high on my needs list, but 2560x1600 seems to be the number.
  • I have zero tolerance for dead pixels.
  • I do play games, but I watch far more video than anything else.
  • Finally, I don’t mind paying a premium if I get to keep it for 10 years!

Recommendation? I have already looked at a few, but won’t say what they are as to keep from tainting the results. ;)

P.S. Logan and Wendel, if you guys are ever in the Portland Oregon area, let me know and I’ll buy you a bear! I might even let you use my 3D printer. ;)

It's 16:9, but it is a really good quality monitor for the price. ASUS PB278Q 1440p. No dead pixels, no blacklight bleed, really high ASUS quality.

I cannot recommend any other monitor because I haven't tried any! Good luck to you

You will buy them a bear! That's fantastic! They will love it!

I see Logan as a panda lover... Wendel... perhaps a polar bear?

You may have to buy them more than one..

Hmmm, it's $3500 for the 32" version...  But it is 32"...

The 27" is listed as the "PB Series", not sure what that means:



I think a few pitchers can be aranged...  Portland is CRAZY good if you like micros.

Yeah, I don't know how well they would share one. They may have to buy Pistol one too. I'm think a black bear for her or a Koala bear.

Because it is 4K resolution. You would need some serious GPU power to push 4K.

The cheaper one is 1440p and I thoroughly recommend it. I use it for gaming and I get no ghosting, no issues with it at all. They include all cables and different types of plug adaptor. Believe the warranty is 3 years.

I know PB follows on from the PA series. It's just the design industry /general use PLS panels offered by ASUS.

I would look into the Yamakasi Leonidas, a 1600p Korean panel, and just get it in the pixel perfect model on Ebay. Fantastic build quality, absolutely superb monitor.

That is a REALLY nice looking monitor...  But it is basicly the same price as the U3011 for the "Pixel Perfect" version ($1000).

Then you have a decision to make, don't you? ;)