A new challenger has appeared in the 4K 40"+ monitor royal rumble: Tiena SD4800

Just got an email from Amazon that this is now available.

Did a search on eBay but haven't found any sellers offering this yet. Does anyone have any experience w/ this monitor? I recall a 40" version being available recently. I had a WM 49" 4K monitor earlier last year, but had to send it back due to an unfortunate issue w/ the scaler which prevented it from displaying 1080p signals. Hoping this is a better monitor.



Size: 48" (121cm) 16:9 UHD
Resolution: 3840x2160 (60hz)
Inputs: DP1.2, HDMI1, HDMI2, Component, VGA, AUDIO IN/OUT,RF, SPDIF, USB
Panel: SVA
Contrast: 5000:1 (DCR: 10,000,000:1)
Brightness: 350cd/m2
Response Time: 5ms(GTG)
Power Consumption: 100W / 0.3W / 0.3W
Viewing Angle: 178 / 178
Speaker: 10W X 10W
Power Input: AC 100~240V 50/60HZ
VESA Mount: 200mm X 200mm
Size Including Stand: 1080mm X 630mm X 70mm
Weight: 12.5kg

Korean Manual and Remote Included

  • This monitor may have up to 3~5 dead pixels - (not crazy about this part. hoping a perfect pixel will be available from ebay sellers.)

A pretty hefty mark up, as it's coming over at $440USD or so. SVA panel, would be interesting if at around $400USD.

Where are you seeing it at that price? For $400 I'd take a gamble.

http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/Item.aspx?goodscode=730304468 But it seems they aren't shipping to the USA

Well there goes that lol. Hopefully these will pop up on dream-seller or other ebay sellers.

@wendell any chance you guys will be reviewing this guy?

Anyone know the difference between this (SD4800) and the UD4800? Looking at the specs, they look the same except SD4800 has DP1.2 and costs more. I'm assuming it's the newer version?

I also found this video that makes the one to the right (I think SD4800) look a lot better. I'm trying to decide between the UD4800 ($634.69), the SD4800 ($673.69), and the Yamakasi O48USUT ($590).

I have DP1.2, so I'll probably have to get an adapter for the last two for like $30.

Any suggestions?

It's either those or the Phillips 4065UC for a little more more @ $784.69 and with 8 less inches. By the way, Tiena also has a 55" and 65" one - I'm kind of tempted but the pixel density goes to shit at that point.

Has anyone just tried using a 4K TV? They seem cheaper and by more reputable brands.

This looks great. I would use this as a living room monitor with a Steam Link or a HTPC. This one or maybe the Wasabi Mango 55"

I received this monitor today from Korea and it is very nice so far. I shot pics of the unboxing but they are too big to post. If anyone wants me to do any 4K tests.....now is the time to ask!

Maybe test it for 4:4:4?

Already tested 4:4:4 using the The "quick brown fox" image and it is 4:4:4 with all the text very sharp. Also, I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 Beta so I won't be able to test the monitor using any Windows tools.

Hi just a quick one , im also interested in purchasing this from Korea , can you tell me the supplier / website/ details/ link , you bought it from ?

im from the US


yes id love to see some 4k tests