A new challenge

Hi folks,

I got a computer from work (old business desktop pc) and while i wait to have the money to build myself a nice computer, i wanted to know if you guys could recommend me a nice GPU compatible with my settings.

My goal is to be play games like LoL and some indie games (i'm not dreaming of playing Skyrim on this build if you know what i'm saying).

The comp is one of those (small form factor pc):


i'm not 100% sure which one it is but since the motherboards all seem to have all the same PCI slots i don't think it's a factor here.

The PSU has "TOTAL OUTPUT POWER 240W" written on it.

I'm completely at lost of what i'm supposed to look for in terms of compatibility. Maybe you can help me out...

I'm also looking for an SSD if you can recommend one.

Cheers and thanks in advance



There are no worthwhile upgrades for that system, though it may be suitable for some basic tasks such as web browsing and word processing if you install a very light weight linux distro.

Until now i installed 7 64b, i also got 4*1GB PC2 RAM from the office. Everything works fine with LibreOffice 4.2 and Chrome. I just installed the basic stuff (iTunes, Thunderbird, TransmissionQT and VLC) and everything works fine. I would have loved to install a new SSD and GPU (even a basic one).

there's really no gpu suitable for that system. 250watts power supply is the lower limit of a PC. you will have to upgrade the PSU if you want an decent GPU and im not sure your system even has a PCI-e slot.

ok so it does, but it's 1X so wont be compatible with any modern GPU

if i understand you correctly, even if i'd change the PSU, i still would not find a suitable GPU for this. Right?


yep, you gota replace the motherboard if you want a decent GPU and then you might as well build a whole new computer.

YA. was worth a try though. Thanks anyway guys.