A Mobile Pleb

Hi all,

As technically astute as people seem to think I am, I didn’t get my first “smart” phone until 2014 @ age 30…lol. It was a Note 3, and YES, I used and LOVED the stylus. I’ve since moved on to the Note 8 and am enjoying it. I was reading a few articles online and stumbled upon SideSync.

I’m having a lot of fun with it thus far. You get notifications - similar to Cortana - from your phone; but you also have the options to show your phone’s screen and interact with it. Given my Battlestation, I have plenty of real estate, and I can type far faster on a keyboard than with my big mitts. I have noticed that some of my authentication apps do not render properly. I also had issues getting it to connect between Battlestation to my phone via WiFi, and I had to resort to a USB cable. I need to get a longer USB 3.0 to C cable.

Does anyone else here use SideSync? If so, how? I’m curious about individual use cases I haven’t considered that might be adapted to improve my workflow. Thanks!