A Matter of Personal Preference

So let's say you have a machine that can't push ultra high settings at 1080p, but it can do it at a lower resolution of the same aspect ratio. Do you guys prefer playing the game at the highest res possible with lower settings, or a lower res with the highest settings possible? I'm asking because I've got a 15'' laptop with gt 750m's in SLI that has a 1080p screen, and on my main rig I've got a 24'' 1080p panel, which is obviously quite a bit larger. I always go 1080p on my main rig, but on my laptop some games wont run on ultra at 60fps (like Crysis 2), but it will run on ultra at something like 720p with 60fps. Which do you guys prefer?

I prefer playing at a higher res at lower settings!

I play at 1080p and adjust settings so I get 60+ fps.  Dont lower the res unless its unplayable at the lowest setting turning down the res makes it look horrible even if you are on ultra.

Unless it's directly divisible, I'd stay at native resolution and just lower the settings.  So unless you are playing at 960x540, just adjust the graphics and leave it at 1080.