A lot of issues with Ubuntu Gnome

So i have installed this over 5 times now in different ways and two different versions and im tired of things just not working, The primary issue is the mouse does not like to work all the time and i found a temporary fix which is using ALT + CRTL + F1 and then the same but with F7 to get out, Ok cool, Fine, But now when i try and grab things from the Software Center it does not download all the way? I had to manually fix the Ethernet port to connect to the web? I can not switch displays because Ubuntu decides it does not want to let me click certain things? Wat... Did Logan install Ubuntu THEN Gnome 3? or did he use the Ubuntu Gnome ? ( i am using the second option )

What am i doing wrong? I am VERY eager to learn and play with Linux and when i know enough to make it my daily driver so ANY help is most appreciated !

EDIT: I am now downloading the latest version of Ubuntu 14.04.2 and trying that out, then i will try and install Gnome 3 over that.

Post up some of the hardware you are using, it could be potentially a really easy fix.

You can always try another distro too, I recently switched away from Ubuntu to Fedora, having dealt with download issues, and other driver issues over the last few years. Fedora has been working like a beast since I installed it. Up to you, if you feel like giving it a try:

MY hardware is as follows.

Motherboard: M5A99FX Pro R2.0
CPU: AMD FX 8350
HDD: 1Tb Western Digital Black
GPU: Nvidia 650 Ti Boost
Mouse: R.A.T. 7
Kayboard: CMstorm MEchanical KEyboard

I noticed on a few threads here ---> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2152976
That i can change it in the Xorg.conf but it will not allow me to save my edited lines for some reason.

I do not want to try another Distro, I want to use Ubuntu Gnome or Ubuntu with Gnome 3

EDIT: Well now that i take a look at it, If Ubuntu Gnome decides it wants to not play nice with me i might as well try it for the lulz, I love the sleek look it is using.

Are you editing xorg as root?

I have no idea what i am doing XD teach me your ways kind sir.

Open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t). Type

sudo -s

Enter your password.

Now you are root (just in the terminal). Root is an account that has permissions to edit system files.

If you want, you can type nautilus in the terminal (this will open your file manager in gnome with root permissions). Then navigate to you xorg file and edit it. Or if you are confident navigating your computer with terminal, change your current directory in terminal to xorgs location and use nano to edit xorg. This is done by typing nano -w filename.

Hope that helps!

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I'd say, if you've never used Linux, but want to learn it, install it on a Virtual Machine, and discover its quirks that way (setup file server, upnp server, learn vim, try SSHing to it from Windows via Putty, compile some stuff, learn apt-gets, switch window manager, do the Wine/PlayOnLinux, etc.). Once you've familiarized yourself with the environment, you can move to the real machine and deal with the charms of hardware incompatibility bullshit.

And at that point you'll easily find your way without a mouse (and keyboard).

Hmmmm, not sure of your problems. I recently switched from Mint Debian to Ubuntu Gnome (pre-configured from http://ubuntugnome.org/). All of my hardware just worked out of the box. My setup is as follows:

AMD 8350
Crosshair V Formula Z
2 x Adata SX900 256GB
3TB WD Red
750GB WD Black
Asus R9 290 DCII OC
Blue Nessie Mic
Logitech Webcam
Dual Monitors (1080p x 2, 1 @ 120hz, 1 @ 60hz)

Corsair K70 Keyboard and Roccat Kone XTD Mouse
Logitech F310 Gamepad

I'm running AMD proprietary drivers installed from AMD's site.

Have been having fun finding some good theme combos, also really happy with the gaming selection and performance.

Wish I was more experienced to try and offer help, also here to learn.