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A little teaser of what is to come :)


Thanks, I typically maintain radio silence on weekends. It’s also been a busy few days.


Figured i’d post an update on things :slight_smile:
This is the frameskipping test on my crappy old camera, sorry, best I have.

ISO80 to show no frames skipped.
Left monitor is the host, right monitor is plugged into the guest VM.
Top monitor is showing the load on the host of the client program.
Running at 1920x1200 @ 60Hz

sync test

Sorry for the agressive cropping, my office is a mess at the moment :blush:

I’ll see if I can record some footage but my camera is pretty old (Panasonic DMC-ZS1), so it wont be high def :frowning:


Here we go:


I like what you did with with the mouse there.


We should get some red hat people on this project.


Uhhhhhhh what.


I think it’s a typo, might be “Red Hat”


Everyone’s thinking it, I’m just asking it…

(When) Can we try it out? :smiley:


Mouse moving seamless is great. But will FPS game run into edge bump problem in this case?


Can’t wait for this myself, but maybe better wait a little longer and get an awesome release that doesn’t disappoint with with random issues…


absolutely amazing, I can generally see some frame delays on my system, (steam in-home hardware decode looped back through a bridge) and thats usually around 25-27ms display…This, downright perfection, great demo :star_struck:


I would release it today, but three things have to happen first:

  1. AMD bug exhibited on Wendell’s test setup needs fixing, I need a Vega for this, so funding…
  2. Red Hat need to release an updated VirtIO driver package with the signed ivshmem driver.
  3. Removal of some code that could cause legal issues (Thanks NVidia), and yeah, I am under a NDA on this so I can’t even mention what it is.

I didn’t demo it but you can hit the Scroll Lock key to capture the mouse to the window making FPS games perfect :slight_smile:.

Doing my best not to dissapoint :slight_smile:.

Thank you, latency has been the top priority of this project, each time I tell @wendell and the other testers that it’s as good as it get’s, I end up eating crow as I find another way to tweak it :slight_smile:. At least this is the yummy type of crow… perhaps chicken?


No doubt you do :slight_smile:


lol u know what i was trying to say “red-hat”


NDA!? Are u able to say who the nda is with?


I believe I did. I can affirm that the code that is covered by this is simply for early testing and development, it will not affect the opensource release or affect the final product in any way.

It will be stripped out before going public, it’s just a few NVidia internals. Also it’s technically not a NDA, just easiest to say that at this time. It’s stuff that could get people into trouble :stuck_out_tongue:




Can we also do this with audio using ivshmem?


No, this has been covered in this thread several times now.


I have created a poll of all the sane (and semi-sane) name options that people have posted, please go over there and cast your vote :slight_smile: