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A little teaser of what is to come :)


One more question and I’ll leave you alone :grin:
Is there a minimum required Windows guest version? Will windows 7 work?


It really depends on the IVSHMEM driver, I have been working with Red Hat to include this into the VirtIO package and should be available in the next release. I believe they are going to build a W7 version but I can not confirm this.

Also PCI Passthrough for NVidia atleast requires UEFI which W7 doesn’t work well with.


NVidia atleast requires UEFI which W7 doesn’t work well with.

I pass through a GTX 1080 with seabios just fine. Everything works including hyper-v enlightenments and it runs smoother than 10 for me.

Maybe I’m lucky because I hear that all the time and have passed through a GTX650 and GTX980 as well. It even worked with XP. There have been no reset issues either.


You’re a lucky one, I can confirm that my 1080Ti wont initialize in KVM without UEFI


Interesting, other than the outstanding Ryzen/Threadripper issues I assumed everything worked everywhere these days.

I have also passed through a GTX 1060 3GB to both BIOS and UEFI guests and both a Nvidia 7100GS and 6600GT to a Windows 98 VM. No I am not joking and yes it actually worked. The 7100 crashed when trying to use 3D but I blame the hacked unofficial drivers I tried to use.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z170 Gaming5 with a Intel 6700K and all the cards have been Gigabyte except the 1080 which came from Gainward. I guess I should try my old AMDR9 290.


The older cards do not surprise me, that has been possible for a long time, it’s the modern cards with the later drivers that have the problem.


Guys & Gals can we please stop distracting @gnif from his work and allow him to focus. :wink: :grin:

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Nice to see everyone so fired up about something. Tracking


At the moment it’s not a problem, I really need the funding to resume at this point, while everyone has been super kind in their donations up to this point I wont see any of it for a few days while I wait for it to be processed through Stripe.


Once you get into SeaBIOS, you get into VGA arbitration stuff and that’s not for the uninitiated. I had to run my VMs with a Windows 8.1 base because that’s the only newest version of windows with UEFI I’ll find acceptable.


Lemme know if you want help bugtesting!


Hi - I founded and have been doing PCI passthrough, and writing about it since 2013, in one guise or another for years now, it’s what got me interested in Linux in the first place. VFIO almost makes it too easy nowadays doesn’t it?

I’d just like to add my 2 cents here. This, what you have working here, is the absolute holy grail for me and I’m sure many, many others. If there’s anything we at LS.IO can do to assist I’m all in.

I will be donating to the cause for sure. Relegating simply Windows to the point of literally being a WINDOW on my Linux system… Dude. Seeing Wendell’s livestream got me all kinds of excited. Please, if you need testers I’d be absolutely delighted to do so. I’ll also definitely be up for technical documentation, how-to guides and generally helping out @wendell with his side of things.

I have an intel based system (i7 6700k with hd graphics), gtx 1080 and rx560 so hopefully can test quite a few permutations for you.

All this to say. God speed sir. Absolutely can’t wait to give this a try.

I love the name Porthole.


First, Thanks for your excellent docker section @ironicbadger

Second. Is there anyway I could donate to this project in Eth/Bitcoin?


There’s a ton of things already called Porthole, is a os x utility for capturing audio and streaming it to various devices in sync.

Why not just call it KVM FrameRelay/kvmfr ? (x25 is probably dead enough)


You can donate to 1MYSqDvhGiL5hCQYPQuz8PuogmJXQK9TTi, but due to how fluid BTC is at the moment I would prefer donations via GoFundMe.


i++ for “Reflection”


Welcome back @sgtawesomesauce, you have been very quiet recently :smiley:


Thought about it for a bit, I think Janus could be a good name. It’s a roman god with two faces, emphasizing the fact that you don’t need a dual head setup. Just a single head with two faces :wink:


Are you using ivshmem? If so you may want to look into vhost-user witch seems to be the new kid on the block for using shared mem.


@manvirsingh from what I understand vhost-user is tied into networking for zero copy there, it is not useful as a generic interface without patching additional functionality into qemu.