A little PSU question

So i'm planing a gaming build for about 1300$. It would have been about 1100$ in the US but since i'm in sweden i will have to live with the 25% sales tax.. 


But to my question. On my build list i currently have the Fractial Design R4 w/ window and the Corsair CX 500W modular. I really like the case and i place high value in the window. But the store i'm buying my parts from is offering an R4 without the window, togheter with a Coolermaster Silent pro 550W Gold for about 5$ more. 


Should i go for it? 
I havent done a lot of research on power supplies and i would really appreciate some advice.

Chassi --------------- Fractal Design Define R4 ------------------------------- 989:-

Ram ------------------ Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz ------------------- 590:-

Nätagregat --------- Corsair CX 500 W Modular ----------------------------- 549:- 

CPU ------------------- Intel Core i5 3570K --------------------------------------- 1790:- 

CPU kylare---------- CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo -------------------------- 329:- 

MoBo------------------ ASUS P8Z77-V LX2 --------------------------------------- 839:- 

OS---------------------- Microsoft Windows 8SV OEM ------------------------- 874:-

GPU--------------------Gigabyte GeForce GTX760 DC2 2GB OC ---------- 2500:-

Skärm----------------- Samsung S22B350H -------------------------------------- 1179:-

Total ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9500:-

 1$ = 6:-


Edit: Any other toughts on the build would be great since im building in about 2 weeks.

Sure. Who needs a window?

Maybe go for a better powersupply like an xfx 550w.

Here's a link to newegg. I don't seem to now any swedish pc stores, so if you cannot find this at your store just link us to the page of your pc store and we can go from there.


Just a preference. But i guess you're right. 

I'm buying from netonnet.se 


The xfx is the same price as the corsair so i might go for it instead. But how big of a difference does the gold certification make?