A laptop to buy?

Hey guys first post but I trust tek syndicate's users and hope I can get some advice. This isn't to build a pc but buying a laptop.


I currently have a hp dv5t-1000 from around 2009 and it has been acting up a lot recently. For instance if I turn it off it wont come back on unless i take all the power and leave it off for about 3 days then it'll work. It has a gt 9600m and it gets really hot now.

Well with that being said, I am a indie programmer and write android games/ apps. I am looking for a new laptop and hope you can help me find something.

I have been researching on my own but all the choices and the core i's its just getting a bit overwhelming so I really hope you can make a few recommendations for me.

I was liking the way the asus zenbook u500 looks but I am not sure about the price of that thing. My current screen resolution is 1680x1050 on a 15.6 inch screen, I would like to keep a 15.6 or close size screen.

I would also like a dedicated gpu, 4 but I would prefer 8 gb of ram. A ssd, 128 or larger would be great, I can probably add extra storage later. Hopefully It can all come in below 1500 but I would prefer to spend around 1000. As you can see from my current computer I keep them a long time and would like to keep a this new one for quite a few years.

So a quick overview if you can help me find something within a 1- 1,500 price range.
i5 cpu
15.6 inch screen with resolution greater or equal to 1680x1050
4 but preferably 8 gb ram
dedicated gpu I do video/ audio editing for games
128gb ssd but more storage is also welcome

How about the Asus N56VM-S4089V?

ChunkOfNorris that's a really good recommendation, I'm not sure why I didn't come across that one while looking around. I think I've found my new laptop. Thanks a lot!