A Humble Request For Support

Hey everyone,

 Ive been fixing computers for years and ive recently started a small business with my friend Anthony for fixing computers and building custom computers to make a little money for college. I was wondering if i could get some support from the awesome people on the tek syndicate forum. The more likes my page gets the more it helps the reach and to some extent the credibility of the page. This is the page https://www.facebook.com/Toolboxpcs and if you like it, I love you and you're awesome. If you don't like it you're still awesome because you're on the tek syndicate forum lol! Also if you want to check out the full website go to www.toolboxpcs.com!

Thank you to everyone for your support,


Good luck with your business! You may not know this, or maybe you do, but most people have no clue as to what RAM even is. The more you know, the bigger advantage you'll have when it comes to credibility, solving the problem, and providing a nice and fluid service.

Again, good luck, you get a 'like' from me. :)

Thank you so much for you're support! :)

Luckily I've been fixing computers for a while, so Im very used to working with people and I understand that most people look at their computer as a magical device used to get them on the internet and do homework lol.


if you guys need help finding replacement parts I can do some research for you guys. I'm pretty good at finding parts at a good price, and you guys are only about 3 hours away from me

combo deals and promo codes on newegg is your friend, always check about $20 below and under your target part and all the combo deals and promos for it

like you can usually combo ram with a CPU or GPU and get 1866 and it would actually be cheaper than the standard 1600

@skullabyss Thank you so much for your support and ill make sure to keep that in mind when im looking for specific things :) 


@gigabusterEXE Firstly thank you so much for your support :) and man i live for combo deals and promo codes from newegg. I never buy anything without some kind of a discount lol. I use Newegg the most because no sales tax in NY plus really fast and usually free shipping!

Good luck with your venture, I have always thought about doing something like you are myself. On a totally unrelated and irrelevant note, have you looked at the source of your website, it made me gag. Whatever generated it decided that it would look great and be maintainable to generate it all on a single line... It hurts my eyes!

Well I'm ashamed to say that the website is hosted through Godaddy and thats why the source is so messed up lol. I went with godaddy just because it was something very quick to set up and i was able to get a year for $12. Me and Anthony are actively perusing and looking into other options for hosts, even hosting the site ourselves.

I'd recommend squarespace.com for hosting.

I've heard alot of good things about them and there is a good chance ill switch to them. thank you for the idea!