A great CPU for a GTX 1080 (Need to marry off this fabulous GPU to a worthy CPU)

Solid choice.

In summary:

  • If you are gaming go with the 1600. It will also perform well in productivity
  • If you need the best gaming performance money can buy get the 7700K instead
  • If your other work can make use of 16 Threads or you want to stream get the 1700

FWIW ryzen will also give you more PCIe lanes, should you need those.

Thanks i noticed that now i am looking at the motherboards
x370 vs b350 vs a320

Most likely going with b350 but 4 more usb 3.1 gen 1 sounds a lot better to me.

b350 is going to be enough for anyone who doesn’t need top of the line features.

Keep in mind you can always get a 3.1 PCIe unit.

This is what I am going to go with, can you tell me what you think please:


Price edits means that I am going to buy it from Microcenter. I am opting for 8 gb of ram rather than 16gb because I can easily obtain that in the future.

Thanks I am actually going to go with the x370 fatality k4 by AsRock it has a lot of features such as 3 m.2 slots, and all usb 3.0


I haven’t followed Ryzen RAM + Mobos closely because I don’t intend to buy a system right now, so I can’t comment on those. A related thread just popped up though, keep an eye on that

There have also been several people asking for which motherboard to get for Ryzen

Good call. The X370 boards generally have better VRM implementations too in addition to better quality. Will last longer when overclocked which is something you’re gonna want to do on any non X Ryzen

Ryzen is fairly sensitive to RAM speed btw. Latency not so much. You wanna shoot for at least DDR4-3000 for optimal performance especially in games.

I got the cheapest combo for the rx vega, and I got this one because it was the cheapest


i dont need the combo, i already have the 1080

How did you get the 1080 for $200.

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Clearly someone didn’t know what they had or didn’t care.

A co-worker of mine wanted to upgrade to the ti, and he had barely gotten the 1080 recently. He wanted to have 140+fps to satisfy his 144hz monitor. I immediately said yes.

He did not even use the card that much.

the only bad thing is that the board only supports up to 2666

“supports” and “is capable of” are two different things.

My 6700k only supports 4.0GHz or whatever it comes from the factory with with, but I’m running it at 4.7GHz with an H100i.

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Without an “OC.” XMP is technically an overclock. You’ll be fine generally. Just go in the BIOS and set it to the speed and it should work fine.

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X370 board is the way to go. I like the third full size PCIe slot of my Asus Prime X370 Pro but I guess ASRock is a solid choice. VRM looks ok at least.

I am running G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200 at 2933 and it works fine. Don’t pay stupid money for FlareX or TridentZ or any other “fancy” memory. Just dial in some numbers once instead of using XMP and save a good chunk of cash.

Change of plans my wife does not like the red on the motherboard, so much so that she is willing to put in 100 dollars of her own to get the Asus ROG with the black and gun metal ascents.

Win? hahah

I have a 7700k and yes it’s good but I think the 1700 might be the best deal.

tech deals and according to the asus motherboard QVL only lists flare x, some corsair vengeance , and some other g skill as supported 3200 mhz memory. What have your experience been with the AM4 platform and with ram running at 3200 mhz.