A GPU For Only 1080P Gaming

Hey Tek Syndicate! I'm building a new PC withing the next two weeks and I am currently having trouble picking out a GPU. I have a 1000 dollar budget (For my whole system, not just the GPU), would any of you guys have a recommendation on what card I should get? Something that would fit nicely into my budget to, thanks!

Radeon HD 7950. It's pretty future proof too.

7950 would be nice card for that budget.

Here a build suggestion if you haven't already chose your parts.


I agree with the 7950. It has dropped in price, near the price of the 7870.

If you're going to wait two weeks before you can build it, I would suggest waiting a bit longer to see what kind of performance AMD's next gen GPUs offer for the money.  If you have to have a GPU now, I would suggest going with the HD 7950.  Here's one for $215...


For the performance you're getting for the price, it can't be beat.  Not to mention, most of these cards can be overclocked to 1100MHz without voltage tweaks.

This is also an excellent card to consider...


But I would only consider getting it if your budget can handle it.  Don't cut other quality parts just to get a 7970.  Building a well balanced system is important.

at the moment i would  say a 7950 is the best bang for buck card, for arround $250 you can get a Msi 7950 TF  or a HiS 7950 iceQ X2. they are the best performing cards for its price, there are also awesome game deals included at the moment, so they cost even less. OC a radeon 7950 en it performs allmost equal to a 7970GHZ edition, or a GTX770. ofc there are some games who run better on a nvidia card, other on AMD thats something to keep in mind. its just how games are designed. But still at its price point its a very interesting card at the moment.

Grtz Angel ☺

Yeah I'm going to agree with Beserker and MisteryAngel, I ust ordered the HIS IceQ X2 as it's about 80 euros less than the 7970 and with only a small difference in frames. I don't regret the decision.

i bet you don´t, if i could sell my 7870 ghz edition, i would immediatly buy a Radeon 7950 now ☺ haha

Do it.

The MSI TF is going for sub 200 in the UK and around 200 in the US. Should be a fall in prices throughout the rest of Europe soon.