A good time to build?

With the new generation of consoles around the corner, I am wondering if it's a good time to build a brand new PC. I would like to build a $1000 computer, which I believe would make something much nicer than a PS4 plus some over head.

My big concern is what technical improvements are we expected to see soon. With games no longer built for the X360 and PS3, are we to expect a large jump in hardware power for the PC in the next year? Or is hardware going to stay at the same pace?

It is always a good time to build. No use in waiting 2 years for better tech. If there are games right now that you absolutely want to play on pc and can't right now then build a new pc. The ps4 will have nice exclusives that no pc will be able to play. In the end it's all about the games. 

I don't think GPU tech will suddenly go in a massive acceleration because the new consoles are around the corner. They'll just keep trying to pump out the best they can ulitmately limited by the size of the manufactering process. We are on 28 nm right now and 20 nm is supposed to come in 2014 which will bring big improvements. The size of this process is not dictated by AMD or Nvidia but by TSMC which sells wafers to AMD, Nvidia, apple... So I think GPU advancement is going to stay roughly at the same pace, at least not influenced by consoles. 


I am thinking to make a build with the AMD FX 8350. Lossly going to follow Logan's build here: https://teksyndicate.com/videos/build-best-amd-fx-8350-gaming-rig-1200

Maybe going to skim on the harddrives and a cheeper cooler.

Grab a phanteks cooler and  get a 1TB WD Caviar Black HDD. Also, get a 7950, same if not better performance than a 670 and it comes with 4 free games.

I would wait for AMD's 8xxx series gpus to come out.  It's possible that they will be just as competative as they were with the 7xxx series.  Plus, it will probably lead to price drops in the intel 7xx series when the amd 8xxx series comes out. You know... competition and stuff. If you really would like a gaming comp like NOW grab an intel 770 or 780, budget depending. Another option is to get a 7770 or 7870 to tide you over for a bit, then sell it as 'lightly used' in a few months or drop another 7870 beside it if you don't like the new Intel and AMD series when they come out. Just my 2¢

now's a good time, you want some hardware suggestions for a $1000 build