A good PC without (!) A Gpu for around 500 €

Hey Guys , as you may or may not be able to tell from the topic of this post , i need your help regarding my new Build.

Here is the criteria:

-The build shouldnt have a Gpu , because i dont have enough money for it in the moment.

-Obviously it has to be a Intel Processor , because the AMD Cpus have no integrated GPU. ( Although i would love to get my Hands on an FX8350 For Video editing)

-The build should have a nice case with a window and good airflow Options.

-The build should have all nice and good quality Components.

- It should have an Atx sized board.

-It has to be upgradeable for the future use of the Computer.


Ps: Im german ,so dont bash me or any grammar failures.

Who finds Grammar failures can keep em !

Wait, is that euros???



AMD's APU would be a good choice if you're looking to game with this build. You can still put a graphics card in this machine after you get the money for it. It's not like if you get APU you can't put a graphics card in it. I also read that you can do a thing called hybrid crossfire between the APU and the GPU which should boost the performance. The APU's outperform intel's integrated graphics by a long shot and you can still have a lot of upgradeablity, especially if you invest enough in a quality motherboard.