A good pair of open headphones for gaming

I'm looking for a good pair of headphones that I can pop an antlion modmic on to use for gaming (PC and Xbone) that are open. Currently I'm using a pair of the Hyper X Clouds for gaming and Audio Technica M40's for music, and I love them both, but I'd like to give a pair of open headphones a shot.

~$120 budget.

If you are just testing the waters of open headphones, you should consider Superlux headphones as a first. They are really cheap and genuinely sound good. The one issue that I could see with them is build quality, but that's what you get when you are paying about 50 bucks.

Yeah I'm just testing the waters, but I don't mind dropping a little money into it to get a pair that I would enjoy if I decided to keep them.