A good fast 256gb USB 3 Flash Drive?

so far it seems like most are slow and hot. makes sense i guess. figured i’d ask for suggestions? maybe someone knows of a good model.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 256, this line has an aluminum casing that helps to radiate the heat.

Thumb drives of this line are the only USB 3.0 drives that keep surviving, the cheaper SanDisk ones that sport similar transfer speeds but made of plastic keep dying, too when used intensively.

(personal experience)


I have a Corsair which is pretty good. It’s a bit bigger than normal thumb drives but it is fast.

Let me check the model name…

I have exactly this one. Seems like it’s a 2015 model. … It’s still doing the job for me. :slight_smile:

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I would have to second the corsair ssd usb drive. They do have a new standard coming for sd micro sd over pci-4 but it will take a while.


honestly just get something like this, I have one thats not as nice and it works good, but as the drives will get hot you deff want something like this with a heatsink if you dont want any throttling on heavy use.

looks like it’s good for about 115 MB/s according to some of the reviews. that still seems quite a bit faster than what i have had before.

looks like the sandisk has some heft too

EDIT: FYI i will be keeping what ever i get in my pocket often.

I like my old Lexar Jumpdrive

current version

Had my 64gb p20 since April 17, 2017, would deff buy again, nice metal housing, nice sliding connector.

what kind of speeds do you get with large file transfers?

I can test when i get home from work. (havent used it as much since I have a 1tb sata ssd drive in a usb enclosure )

Is there a size limitation or could you just use an external ssd enclosure and a 256gb sata ssd? It’ll perform more consistently, be less likely to lose, and be much faster/longer lasting.

OP is looking for easy pocket carry

ah i see, this fits in my pocket. Smaller than a phone https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-2-5-Inch-External-Enclosure-EC-UK30/dp/B00LS31KQG/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=sabrent+ssd+enclosure&qid=1591416314&sr=8-8

Personally like a Silicon Power A55 in a Saberent 2.5" enclosure. Works pretty great :smiley:



was 40+gig video file from samsung 970pro to Lexar JumpDrive P20 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (ntfs 4k sectors)


i wonder if this would be any faster than my oreo enclosure ?

I have a Samsung 4tb SSD in it and for being an SSD, the read and write speeds eventually dip down to sub 90Mb/s

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idk what specs the orico is at. I know its “USB 3” but just like Wendell and others have eluded to with display port cables on Amazon i doubt half the stuff labelled USB3 actually reaches those speeds. I do have personal experience with Sabrent enclosures of 3.0 ssd and 3.1 nvme types and they are insanely efficient/fast


sounds like it’s worth <$20 to grab a sabrent and try it out.

Any recommendation on USB drives with SSD like FW? I use m.2 and SATA SSDs now. But I know they exist. Mainly for portable installations.

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