A good CPU overclocking program

Do anyone know of a program that allows you to overclock the CPU in Windows, I have tried ntune but every time I tried to load it I would get a blue screen. I am using a EVGA 750i FTW mobo and I have a Core 2 Duo E7200, if that makes a difference.

I have one that works every time.


GreenSLi told me not to OC using programs, so idk


NEVER use any software to overclock...


yah its called Bios very good program

A simple program:

BIOS(Basic Input-Output System)

The best software for OC ur CPU, RAM and Mobo.

but wat if i have like an acer/hp/dell PC, how can i unlock it to OC?

You cant. (as far as I know)

Mike wrote 14 minutes ago ยป

but wat if i have like an acer/hp/dell PC, how can i unlock it to OC?

Nope, they are factory locked and there is no way for a user to unlock it.

BIOS is the best but if you really want to use a program, then check ur motherboards manufactures website for utilities.

bios but there r programes avialable

some times you can move a jumper(s) on your motherboard that will unlock it in the bios but you'd have to look in your motherboard manual for that

ROfl, try the AMD Overdrive :P


well, it depends on the cooling you have but i can suggest bios settings to get that proc up to 3.1GHZ, i have the e7200 aswell. set voltage to 1.3875V, CPU multiplier to 9.5 and FSB to 333, that should push you up. run prime 95 for 2 hours, but with core temp on so you can monitor how hot your proc gets, i'd say 75 is about the safety limit.

programs tend to fail or fluxuate that is why the BIOS is the best way its a part of your PC and not an addon.

ok so i have a REAL answer for you. setfps

i get it. not every bios has an overclocking utility. of course if it has one its way better than a program.

way back when in my netbook overclocking days i used to use a program called SETFPS. its a good abb but there is one issue. you will need to work out what your tpm chip is. this is the chip that controls the timmings. its often a narrow chip with pins on the longer sides and about 3mmx12mm long. should be near the cpu and near a crystal or 2. this is normaly esay for netbooks i have never used it with a desktop. it did work rather well for me. no fluctuation issues but it would only touch the main buss and cant unlock the multiplayer. you also have to do it manually for each reboot. some systems even then won't let you overclock. its just locked out and nothing will happen.