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A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


Yes. You are correct.

But that is where the frustration started.

My experience differs from that. So that is not a universal thing.


I am not sure if I am in the right place, but I have a general usability thing I wanted to ask about.
If I am in the wrong place… Well the mods can do their thing.

Could the forum add a bit of CSS to make replies to posts in a thread a slightly different tint? Maybe getting more pronounced the deeper nested the reply is?

As I scroll through threads they start off super easy to follow along with. If I see someone say something where I am interested in the discussion, I can click the “replies” button to see what folks are saying.
The farther down the thread I get the more difficult it is to tell at a glance if each reply is about the original topic or if it is a reply to someone else’s comment.

There is no way to tell (at a glance, without one or more clicks) if someone saying something in reply to a reply to a reply of a thread, or if they are discussing the original thread topic.


Hi, I’m the guy that monitors at night usually because I work 3rd shift. If you have any beef with me, go ahead and talk about it here.

We have a lot of vested interest in this place because we see it as our home, and want to keep it livable. I’ve read every comment so far. Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond.

We are not paid for any of this. It’s all voluntary. We work because we care. Sometimes we get salty, we’re human for now lol.


Thats of course fair enough.

I think that i have commented on discussion about necro´d topics,
a couple of times allready on how we look at it.
But of course like i said a topic can allways be re-opened again.
Or users can allways start a new topic on their own and link back to the old one.

I personally think that the issue with necro´d topics is made bigger then it exally is.
Remember that some necro´s are also caused by spambots.
But if users disagree on a necro lock, just pm the mod in question,
its not a big deal really.

One thing that does annoy me personally is that wenn new users necro a topic.
That other more experianced forum users “sometimes” jump on it with some fire.
I mean thats a bit unessesary, we have a flag option for it.
Of course there is nothing wrong with guiding new users in proper way.
But i do see some harsh comments to newer users sometimes.


Just to get this out there. We are working on auto-locking threads after 3 months of no activity.

This will only be on certain categories (that we are still discussing), so categories that usually contain threads that relevant replies would come up after a long period of time would remain unlocked.

These locks would also not be set in stone. Anyone wanting to re-open them for any relevant reason could simply PM a moderator to do so.

This applies to any topic that we lock. If a topic is locked and you think it could go somewhere, you can always PM a moderator and politely, concisely, explain why it should be reopened.

This is precisely why we have more than one moderator. People make mistakes. It happens. If it does, ask someone to look into it. It’s really fine, guys, and no one ever does it.


Again, the age of the topic and the quality of the post have nothing to do with each other.
If spam happens, like it does, someone finds it, flags it, it gets locked for spam. Not for necro, aka being old.


I’ve voiced my opposition to this idea, there are legitimate reasons to necro, they just need to be clarified.


There are, and we have a way to deal with that.


been saying this since day one

needs more meme


Well the moral of that will always be disputed, but in general netiquette, bumping up old, dead threads is a bad thing. Thankfully, we do have exceptions on some threads.


I’d also like to say that if the biggest problem we have right now centers on the details of thread necro’s, we’re doing pretty great.


Yep thats what i tried to explain.
We only lock bumped old topics that we concider not being relevant anymore.
But topics can allways be re-opened again if there is a vallid reason for it.

Its just a matter of pm a mod, we dont bite!.


Damn! I missed out on that thread.
Far too often I see troubleshooting/informational threads that get locked by mods because of a necro that seems to me to be positive. And the locking of necros often seems counterproductive. It would help people searching for help and info on topics to be able to engage in discussion within a thread already full of information.

It wouldn’t help anybody if every entry in a dictionary were split between two books in different libraries.

EDIT:Also worth noting @level1’s necros seem to have been well received by the community and were very helpful and constructive, I don’t think anyone could argue otherwise. After looking at a couple real quick.
And one of the above necros triggered a post from another forum member that also seems to contain good information. Would be very useful info for someone searching “quiet mATX case” or “quite mITX case”.


Going to sleep now, will read more tomorrow.


As stated, please PM a moderator if you find that’s the case. This is something that users just don’t seem to be doing.


The OP in that thread had a low-power Ryzen CPU and an entry-level ASRock B350 board. First generation Ryzen CPUs have a design (ahem) “issue” that manifests as an idle bug (although AMD refuses to formally recognise it as a bug) . The CPU parks idle cores to conserve power and, when re-activating those cores, certain voltage levels drop out of regulation and the system either locks up or reboots.

This phenomenon was not well understood at the time the OP was having his issues, but it was isolated and nailed down greatly in the following months. What the OP did (after a creditable amount of diagnostic effort) was to RMA the board and enter another ticket in the silicon lottery. His replacement board (and later more-powerful CPU) was/is less sensitive to the bug and, after configuration, has ended up being a stable system.

If the OP had access to the accumulated wisdom contained within the link that I provided — at the time he was having issues — he would have just needed to make a few BIOS changes (and probably two Windows 10 power management tweaks) to stabilise his system to such an extent that board (and CPU) replacement would not have been necessary. The information became available too late for him, but it is not too late for all of the other folks out there that are still afflicted by the same bug.

The original post (and the thread in general) contains a stack of keywords that folks with the idle bug are likely to be using when searching for a solution. I would know, because I have a CPU with that bug, and that’s how I found his post.

AMD have included code in the AGESA updates that allow motherboard manufacturers to create BIOS updates that give end-users an easy-to-set BIOS option (called “Power Supply Idle Control” on the X370s) that works around the bug. There are many motherboards out there that are yet to receive such an update. Until such an update is available for all affected motherboards, a lot of collective grief can be saved by directing folks searching for a solution to the idle bug towards a resource that explains the problem in detail and provides guidance for interim workarounds.

Now, you may look at the OP in isolation and consider the matter closed and all further contributions to be irrelevant. That’s up to you. I, however, think that helping others overcome common problems is the whole point of forums like these. That’s why I necroed that thread. I thought it was totally justified. I still do.

Just because a thread is marked [SOLVED] doesn’t mean the problem was clearly identified, and a solution is presented in the thread. Relevant information should be able to be added to the conversation without the thread being locked. I believe that if a moderator needs to assess such a situation, but they don’t personally have a reasonable grasp of the subject matter at hand, and the addition is prima facie helpful, then they should err on the side of caution and tolerate the necro.

Your view that “It was irrelevant to the issue” is almost certainly based on the fact that you have no real appreciation or understanding of the issue — because it hasn’t/doesn’t affect you. If you had spent the last few weeks or months trying to solve it, there’s no way you would hold such a view.

I’ve only been here a few days. I’m not used to aggressive necro locking. When I raise the dead in future I’ll put more effort into making the relevance easier for moderators (and others) to see.

Ryzen instability in Witcher 3

We got it.

The current discussion in this thread is the moderators’ actions and demeanor as a whole when it comes to necros. Not individual cases, and as such I wasn’t complaining about those individual threads.


Well really this thread is for all forum issues, not just moderators (although any constructive criticism for us moderators is always appreciated).

The main drive for the thread currently is revolving around necro threads, and people feeling that threads are being locked that should not (which does happen, we aren’t perfect). Sometimes a thread gets locked and it definitely should remain open. That’s fine.

I’m just trying to get across the point that a lot of the problems that people are having with thread necros being locked could be solved by shooting us a PM.

I realize I did reply to you, and understand how you feel, but I was not meaning to single you out, just trying to hammer that point home.


I have pm’d a mod when I thought a thread was necro’d too soon;

I feel that my concerns were not taken seriously and the advice to start a new thread is a waste of time when a thread is already started. A new thread isn’t going to provide the background that is already at hand and a link is something that I think a lot of people will not look at; just look at the views of most links in threads, most have none to maybe 2 looks.

That experience soured me on complaining again.


I don’t have access to that link, so I can’t see what you’re referring to there.

I’m very sorry that we have made you feel this way. In the future, please don’t hesitate to PM another moderator if you feel that you are being ignored or pushed aside. We are not a hive mind, and we do not react the same ways to the same situations.

This has been how we’ve handled it, but we are working out how to change the way we handle this. I think we’ve made a lot of progress in this thread absorbing the ideas that have been suggested.

Please do not feel this way. As I said above, you can always PM another Moderator if they have left you feeling discouraged. And if you feel like a member of the moderation team is being unfair or biased, I encourage you to shoot a PM over to @wendell and get it sorted out. We do not want you to feel like this is the case.