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A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


How about this one? That was 2 months…

And just an opinion on the topic.

Like you said, very subjective.


Apparently thats a misunderstanding then, according to @kewldude007 its 3 months.


Yeah, according to my calendar on the other hand… :wink:

And honestly, even if, was it bad advice? Was it spam? Was the conversation done? Between 20 people and 650 views?


He is from USA, we all know how is the education over there.


reviving x thread after y amount of time

thats it, regardless of reason


that was a mistake and I am not fixing it because that topic is a powder keg


True, preach brother ! However also add this in the official forum rules.


generic response of we are working on it


Was replying to someone early on in the thread regarding logs, and then saw that @kewldude007 and @Eden had already answered the question.

Regarding necroing, I’m a bit more lenient when it comes to not locking.

Generally, I’ll leave the thread be if it’s about a topic which is ongoing or could expand in the future. In my eyes, the necro rules apply more with threads, like that linked above, where the OP hasn’t been active, and the conversation has dwindled off.

Yes, there’s no harm in adding to older threads, but by closing them when they’re necroed, it’s us trying to make an attempt to cultivate new topics. If the reply was detailed to the point where it expanded on even more than what was asked in the original post, it could possibly be better starting a new conversation on the topic?


So, the unwritten rules apply unless they don’t?

@aremis … gotta say, you have a point.


Obviously you can use your discretion on these situations.

If I have to do everything line by line like a text book I’d be nerfing myself. I want flexibility because wendell put me in this position trusting that I could handle it

To make it short and give you want you want to hear read. I do what I want until I’m told not to.


“Come to the forums!” say said.
“We are a community!” … say said.

… Man, this is not helping.


well what were you trying to imply then?




moderator discretion is a thing


“When you speak of ‘community’ you are really talking about your whiny subsection that makes little contribution”

Still trying to understand the point in all this. You’re not oppressed. This is one of the top forums in tech and Linux on the internet. Deal with it or gtfo?


The Necro thing will all be lined out soon.

You see not every topic that gets revived from inactivity is concidered being necro.
It just highlly depends on the said topic, who´s reviving it, if the topic is still relevant, and if the added information is still usefull for other people and making the said topic relevant again.

But there are also topics that just arent relevant anymore,
or that the topic starter just doesnt seem to have any interests for.
For example topics like “What X470 motherboard should i buy” from User X topic being 2 months old.
Then it doesnt really make sense to post a recommendation anymore.
Because we can be pretty certain that the said topic starter allready made a decission.
Such kind of topics are being concidered necro´s, and generally get locked.
If topic starter for whatever reason has more questions and wants it to be re-openend.
Then they can allways pm the mod in question if the topic can be re-openend.

People complain about the whole necro thing,
And allthough i do understand it in certain situations.
Because it isnt added stricklly in the rules yet.
But still its nothing more then just pm a mod or leader and ask why they locked the topic.
Or if you think that the topic is still relevant, then just pm a mod and share your opinions.
A topic can allways be unlocked again .

Also necroing is an unwritten rule on pretty much any forum,
that i have ever been active on.


If someone asks where the rules are, you have no answers. If a discussion is getting a bit heated (and again at that point pretty constructive from most sides) it gets locked. And if a thread looks like it could be work later on, it also gets locked, regardless of the unwritten rules.

That is just a bit frustrating to see.

The necro thread was open for, what, two hours? Could it not be held open any longer? Maybe people would come up with stuff the mods didn’t think about? Is that not the point of a community?


You need to take this up with wolfleben

This Thread has been a giant circle. It has reached the point of being unproductive.


Thats patently untrue. From the beginning of the original thread it was said that

  1. It was a policy in the moderator guidelines that was not public
  2. Seeing the issue it was immediately agreed that it needed to be publicly said somewhere.