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A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


Except that there are legitimate reasons to have it be in the front page. The rules aren’t unreasonable, if you aren’t contributing to the original topic of the forum post then don’t comment. If its older than a month or two old then there is a very small chance you’re contributing to the topic.


That’s a non sequitur. The date/timing of a response has nothing whatsoever to do with its relevance. The content of a response determines its relevance.


Or “Show old threads” could be a preference individuals could set in their account settings… which would let people choose for themselves whether they want to see such threads or not. Everybody wins?


I agree that it has very little to do with the timing, however responding to old threads is called necro-bumping, and age has quite a bit to do with how relevant a comment is, especially when it has nothing to contribute nor does it always contribute to a conversation.

The issue is with comments that do not contribute to a conversation that have passed a technically arbitrary threshold in age that it no longer becomes appropriate to make random comments on.


This should be enforced and @moderators explain better to people how to use thread/post links so if they have some questions related to a necro topic they can always link it !

Generic Forum Meta Discussion pt 2 (Thoughts, Improvements, Suggestions?)

You just contradicted yourself.

The only way to judge whether or not a post contributes to a discussion is to read it, agreed? There’s no way that “YYYY-MM-DD” can convey anything meaningful to a moderator about how much a post contributes to a discussion — they have to read the actual post. Ergo: Date stamps are meaningless.

As an experiment, we could suppress the text of every single post on the forums for all moderators — so that moderators could not read them — and then watch the moderators moderate the forums using nothing but date stamps. If your theory of date stamp primacy is correct, the signal:noise ratio here will improve (or, at least, not get any worse).

I’ll bring the popcorn. :popcorn:


I dissagree, there are legitimate reasons to necro that won’t get a post locked. Simply because someone necros a topic does not mean that it needs to be locked.


Date stamps are important as most of the times the people who originally made the thread or made that important post 1-2-3 years back might have left the forum. So you wont find any help from them.


We should not put up with this for a few outliers. There will always be sacrifices, and in this case Links provide the needed functionality to keep the forum clean of necros.


reminder that we dont have to lock at 3 months

I never lock if OP necros for example


I suppose I should really clarify when I say that a necro does not nessicairly make a comment Irrelevant but it does increase the amount of scrutiny a post gets when addressing whether or not its valid. Ex. Saying thank you after a solution is given is perfectly acceptable… Provided its not 3 months late.

See previous comment. I would like you to bring up an instance where relevance was not a factor in a post. If there was then I invite you to point them out. I skimmed through your post history just to see what your initial complaints were about and the couple that I saw were pretty irrelevant. One that maybe would have been relevant was a comment about freezing and giving another example of it, but as that was not the OPs issue it was irrelevant to the topic.


I think the term necro itself would have to be defined first or killed off entirely to have a productive conversation here.
Everyone having a different understanding of what it means or differing usage of the word is just not helpful.


Agreed, the definition as far as I am concerned is “Posting on a thread that is old” how old old is is completely subjective


And the quality of the new post and it’s usefulness has no impact on that?


Care to link the one you are referring to?

Care to link that one as well?


3 months, read the rules. The mods are allowed a bit of tolerance depending on their decision about the post that brings back a topic.


Correct, necro-ing does not relate to the quality of a post, thus how you can “Necro” and still do it in a way that won’t lock a post.


Oh really, can you link that?


It was irrelevant to the issue and the issue had already been solved.

It might be 3 months on this forum but thats is still completely subjective, its just the rules of that particular forum. Its not a L1Techs exlusive word, thus, the definition of “old” is completely subjective and subject to change based on where you are and who you are talking to.


This is the main reason necroing should be stopped most people that post low effort posts are too lazy or afraid to start a new topic, this is how you filter low effort posts. If someone needs help he will be willing to make a new thread.

Still waiting on that @Zavar post.

@noenken A Generic Forum Meta Discussion

Still true that it’s not in the official rules I don’t know why I remember it as being in the rules.