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A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


Just want to echo this, the mods and the leaders are doing a good job, keep it up and lay down the ban hammer on that necro shit.


I’m still gonna talk mad shit


I knew it :grinning:


List of topics in the leader lounge the past 2 weeks:
Me posting Blender stuff
Linux Talk
OS X having Shit Blender support because OpenCL
Necro threads
Forum down-time
Cheese Chips

Also, if you guys want this thread to stay open, I would suggest keeping it on track and not posting images. This is not the lounge, remember.


when people wanna see the leader lounge and then realize its literally another lounge


But it’s a lounge that I actively participate in :dancing_women:


Maybe participate in the real lounge instead of the VIP lounge @goalkeeper @Phantom


Why not a pm lounge and invite certain people? Plot and all could be fun.


stick to the original, avoid picking sides


that already exists and its boring


I’ll definitely try.


add fireworks


Sad thing is, people have no idea how good they have it here.

Probably giving myself away, but on if you disagree on someone’s diet, exercise, or political routine that can get you banned lol.

I’ve been on other forums where going against the hive mind would result in a ban.

The dude that spawned this complaint seems to have either misremembered or intentionally left out details. But dude, you got a good life. You got a good life!

Complaining that shit posts are going into the void isn’t worth getting worked up about. The anti nVidia semites used to send me up the wall, now I legit just laugh at their failed shenanigans.


Can we pause general discussion for a bit and give people a chance to make specific proposals on how to better deal with necro threads? Please be brief.

This is a good example:


Autolock threads at 3 months old.

Necroing does not work well with discourse, it clutters up the forum and adds nothing.

This should be in the level1 bible


I’ll go the exact opposite of @tsk and say to never necro a thread. I like seeing old threads that I haven’t seen before as usually I learn from them. Even threads that I have seen I like to read again because I may have more knowledge than the first time that puts a new spin on the old info.

I’ll ad that I’m pissed that the necro thread got locked before I could read it and put in my 2 cents. IMO @wolfleben has a habit of necroing and locking threads before their time.


That is so off topic, hmmhmm, because you’re supposed to write that here, hmmhmm, …



So? That seemed fine when megathreads were shot down.
Also, how does it not clutter up to have the same questions over and over again?


Where was everyone when I was fighting for necro?


If people are worried about old posts polluting the front page (or whatever that list is called that contains the most recently updated threads), then wouldn’t a simple solution be to just flag threads that go quiet for X months and then exclude them from the sorting process?


Sounds like a win win if people can still view and comment on those threads. Like if their was a tab at the top that would allow you to view hidden threads.