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There is always

say if I edit your post, that little pencil shows who made the change, the maker of the post and every leader can see it, but not the public, like @Dje4321 this can be changed however

really if you have any discourse related questions ask her specifically


just a recommendation

make a function that forces new posts inside older threads to be reviewed before they go public. But if rejected, please let user know why.

problem solved.


Transparency of moderation is always good, but there are some discussions that are best kept behind closed doors, especially when discussing a particular individual, especially as certain mods will always have a strong opinion as to what should happen even if its never approved by the other mods.


reviewed by who? Spaghetti ball in the sky?


obviously acting moderators, forum/section leaders. So that they do their job.

edited so it doesn’t pickle a pickle.


Maybe also the thread OP?


that part is unnecessary and I will not have any more of that


Agree 1e5828122% There are some attempts at memoryholing things here and there by members. Not sure if they genuinely misremember or are trolls, but we all have a permanent file. Even me. So we know exactly how that thing shook out 9 months ago. We’ve all got a file… remember I’ve been banned and suspended too after all hahahahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:


The forum records admin and mod actions like warnings and suspensions of users. These are visible to all mods and admins.

Suspensions aren’t usually given out without consent from another mod, the exception to this is spam accounts which are deleted and blocked, or if there is something that requires immediate action and no one else is around.

Suspensions are almost never given out without a number of previous warnings, in reality if you got a suspension you know it was coming.


You were suspended once after 2 warnings were given for your #plot posts in the lounge, in march of 2017.

No other suspensions/bans of any type are on your account.

If you have any questions about that, please let me know.


too long ago,
all i remember is feeling rather strongly about it

sounds like it was last year when the whole Lounge plot thing was starting up

i do remember my deleted post about curing autism
(i still consider that funny btw, even if agreeably in poor taste)


Who doesn’t feel strongly when you get muted, banned, or otherwise reprimanded?


i generally stand by my actions and beliefs
its why i enjoy debating and arguing.
if i believe something to be factual,
ill defend that point with my whole soul.

although, when presented with a Logical counter point and fact i will like any scientist , must concede and see truth.
but things based on feelings i tend to toss


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I think I remember that.


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Just an idea, what are your thoughts on a open leader lounge no one can reply too except for leaders and above, it is just visible.


Your really pulling my leg. But sure.

Lol. This post is off topic. Watch me get sucked up into the vacuum. :joy_cat:


There’s a discord for that


That would be cool.

People may end up being biased towards certain leaders tho. But I like the idea