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Isn’t that the thing that the “3 month necro” rule is currently in? That was the impression I was getting


I dont know how it works here but when I was admin on a particularly large CS:S server, we had to make a report about administrative action taken for review later. If someone was banned there had to be a specific reason given and that person was allowed to appeal and the information available was reviewed.

Given that this is a little bit different because a user who is banned from the forum cannot appeal to the same forum, is there a way to make that work? Could an appeal thread exist to a banned member?

Also is any record made about administrative action currently that other admins can review?


Maybe when a user gets banned they are mailed with the reason and evidence, and can respond to that email (or another linked in the mail) for an appeal?



it exists


Do people really get banned here? For what?


i don’t know, as I’m not on staff. I’m saying that if consistency is the goal, having almost Police code like outlines, ie a 47banana means somebody is showing their weewee in public, and they have set responses for that.

If somebody wants to write up a “what to do if you encounter X issue” handbook for the mods, that may help.


I think they discuss mod actions in the leader lounge.


A good idea but currently is not the case sadly you have no form of rebuttal or review Once you have been soft put on timeout

Of course with that contact option that someone replied to me like 5 minutes ago that I did not know about that should be one of the things that is the only thing clickable on a suspended account when you try to login is the contact us thingy


It’s very rare. Aside from bots its due to repeated and severe rule breaking.


I’ve only been part this for a while, dont ask me. Really everything before March when the leadership got a refresh should stay in the past.


Righto, so that begs the question …what are people complaining about? If the problem is outlined in the handbook, and staff is following the handbook, then where does the complaint of “mods rnt doin jerb rght11!” have any traction?

I’m honestly VERY confused about all the drama over something so small.


Theres no information about where that goes and it appears to me to be for business inquiries. Discussing action taken is one thing but recording an offense and action taken for later review is another.


I’ll look guess what that other thread just got locked disallowing any other conversation or argument or shitposting constructive or not

It would be nice to have that system in place but implemented in such a manner as to not stifle constructive responses



I was basically called a serial rapist in a thread and I was the one that got lectured when I told the guy to piss off. :man_shrugging:

Really surprised that anyone has gotten banned at all. Some threads are made to just generate contention/circle jerking and they seem to go on forever, no lock in sight despite being bumped after several months.


Oh boi… @wolfleben. This shitshow exists because of stuff like that:

Seriously, it was just getting civil and productive…


I’m just arguing to avoid the possibility of a thread being locked simply due to age because if someone responds to something a year old immediately it’s locked because it’s a year old is irrelevant there should just be a new post



Every leader can see what every does, see, not “is notified of”. Usually for me I will ask to lock a thread or do x thing, if its urgent I will do x thing and report what I did in leader lounge

Moderators have actual logs and things like that and can see what other mods do


And that is precisely the argument one user just made in that thread that said “mods do as they please”


because people dont know what out guidelines are and think we are just freewheeling


I don’t why other than the inactivity of OP.


I think I understand but I guess whats more important to me is that there is record of ‘why’ you did x thing.