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A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


If someone were to nekro one of MY threads,
Id take 5 seconds to read the post and see if i could be of help,
Or if 800 dudes jumped in
Then id consider it a revived thread,

Ive got 2 of the longest threads on this forum,
Jokes and cute shit

Sometimes a new user comes in and finds those,
And i get a whole days wrth of a user accts likes in my notifications bar

I find that sorta fun

Worst case, i
A, mute it,
Or b, just scroll down the notification list for replies instead of hearts


Thats just my point though, when the discussion is actually related its generally treated as OK.


So, is this more of an argument for

Nkro spam-bad
Nkro reply-ok-sometimes?


That is what you would do.

As we’ve mentioned, necros are handle case by case


I hope I don’t find this locked when I come back later today…


If anyone
Gets a reply, to a post,
Wouldn’t they glance at it?


I think theres a breakdown in what necro actually means to some of us.

To me a necro is just a post to an old thread. It has no negative connotation.

The rules, as I understood them to be, were always necroing a topic would result in a lock, unless it was OP updating the thread, or if the content of the post was related to said topic in a way that would actually add to it.

In almost every case of a locked thread, its either spam, or someone who dug up an old thread on accident without actually adding anything and is now asking a question about a loosely related problem that might not even have the same fix.

In that case the thread should be locked because the solution for that person is probably going to be different than that of the OP.


This thread has become a circlejerk of people shouting at walls. Either expand the discussion, stop arguing like 5th graders and post constructive criticism, or it will be locked because nothing is coming out of it.

As of this point this thread isn’t useful. It’s turned into an arguing pit that isn’t helping users, staff, or the forums itself.

Necroing is such a small topic when the scope of this thread was for ALL forum issues.


A 2md arguement was,

People dont wanna see old topics in the top of the list,

Comments on that were sofar,
If no one keeps posting, itll fall back off the list, no harm no foul
Possibly a hide option for
(Old post=xxmonths-ignore/hide unless ××new posts)

Ie, backend,
Dont bump unless xx new posts


not trying to be cheeky here
but it’s going to come out that way

All I hear is mods saying that a topic is “going around in circles”
and “people are just bitching”

when I’m having a conversation
and trying to figure it out and offer constructive criticism
it’s mods that are getting upset and pull lock threat


Why are you bringing up that necro posts thread here. Is it just to argue more? Do you really think that you’re somehow going to articulate the same argument in a way that the mods will somehow see the light of your opinion and change the rules now?

I applaud the tenacity.


No I was just trying to condense and make concise the arguments and questions and counterpoints in the hopes of making a unified post about it and maybe possibly actually getting some resolution


You are not. You are posting the same sentences over and over again, ignoring all opposing opinions and arguments, and ripping apart small pieces of what was said by one user to try and make your argument look stronger.

This is not a discussion, this is not constructive. This is you being a wall and closing down a topic with a toxic attitude.


I’ve sat here,
Attempting to offer clear points,
Referenced quoted and made concessions

Tried to offer possible fixes
And or advise

And everyone is telling me that I am the one being toxic and hostile or bullheaded

I’m only weighing in because I feel this is an important topic that needs to be clearly defined and discussed refined and implemented

It’s not like I have anything else important that I’d rather be doing on my birthday


We already have resolution. The original problem in that thread was that the rules were not stated anywhere. You’re the one turning it into an argument about not having those rules.

I honestly dont get what you’re on about. It wasnt until that thread that anyone had made an issue of the rule.

My 2 cents are the rules are already pretty loosely enforced and the actions taken from mod to mod are different. Also transparency has been an issue in the past.

In my opinion those are the only things I can even criticise and even then its not a huge deal. We are after all, only human.


I was simply weighing in and offering advice and counter-arguments

Up until the last post I had never once mentioned that it is not an actual rule

Actually know come to think of it I never mentioned that

You all discussed an issue and i was adding 2
Or so i thought.



we’ve heard concerns about necro posts and are discussing with the Leadership team about how best to be more transparent about this in the future and will be posting a public update in the next couple of days.


Again, sorry to be so late to the discussion, but we do have a standardized infraction moderation system that we try to use whenever possible. Obviously, each scenario is different and sometimes requires modification to the system, but here’s a trimmed down version of the basic flow:

Unofficial direct warning to user (multiple unofficial warnings if needed)
First official staff warning PM
Second official staff warning PM (includes notice of action upon further infractions)
First suspension (usually 1-3 days)
Second suspension (usually following new unofficial and/or official staff warnings)