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See post above
Quit, im getting the sence your hostile


Drama much? What are you trying to achieve?

Your example is pretty not great… not to mention taking quotes out of context.

Threads may be closed after 3 months; guidelines on this will be updated so it’s more clearer; if and when topics are closed we’ll look to make sure we’re keeping the reasons clear as well (sometimes it’s missed, were just human). We’re also looking at other tools to manage topics as @Phantom mentioned, autolocking certain categories is just one thing we’re looking at. (we’re also looking at auto-bunping certain topics…

Honestly what is there to say, this is now delving into people deliberately misconstruing things and deliberately trying to stir up trouble with inflammatory comments, it’ll end up locked because of those users, and then those users will complain about the evil mods.

How about a level headed discussion? If there even is anything left to discuss.


To quote from another thread:


then in my opinion you cant complain if you never bothered to ask.


Well, one arguement from the now locked thread was
It bugs op with notifications

Which was responded 2 with,
Op can always mute that thread

But it seems that answer was overlooked


Look at the “necro rule”-thread (locked) and look at this.
Do you really think anyone has the nerves to allow “necro” right now?


Yeah I’m not happy with you, this is your usual routine of being unreasonablly stubborn and it’s like talking to a wall.


Because the responsibility is passed to the wrong person, if the OP is done with the issue, why should they still be responsible for someone else’s issue?

The responsibility belongs to the one asking the question.


I think help threads and stuff
Need a (solved) “button”
That links post 1.
To the “best answer” post

Which opens the thread to a lockout timer
Then locks the thread after xx days

Best of both worlds

The thread can still be searched and linked too


i’ve seen threads necro’d where the post was a legitimate reason to necro and it was allowed. its not like the rules have suddenly changed. mods arent doing anything different than i’ve ever seen them do.


Not everyone uses the solved tag.

Not trying to argue with you just making a point


As a regular, one can add that to some topics.


The arguement here was

Old posts in op"s thread would annoy them

In which case,
IF thats the case,
Op just hits mute,
No muss no fuss, why would a lock need to be used from a mod

Its a non issue

If nekro happens , why preemptive lock
To save op from Maybe becoming notifications spammed
When itd be their choice to respond or ignore


Maybe if $olved was an easy button thing, it would be more readily used?


And my response was you are now putting the responsibility of someone who is likely no longer involved with the issue to deal with it.

Why should they have to handle it when the responsibility needs to be on the one asking the question.

You are now running around in circles with this.


Because the necro is almost always not actually related.

Case in point where a necro occured but the original thread was not locked because it was actually related:


it was technically within the 3 month threshold, too.


thats not what it said for me



Sorry to jump in late to this discussion, but I wanted to shed some light on this. Very few times during my tenure as a mod do I remember encountering what I would consider highly confusing and tricky issues when it comes to moderating users. In some cases, a user has created multiple alt accounts for the main purpose of creating confusion for the mod staff, which is usually clearly expressed in posts by said user, PMs, etc. In these cases, we usually have to dig through the forum logs to check IPs, check for previous username changes, etc, etc. Without getting into too many details out of respect for Mumble, there were multiple alt accounts involved. In his case, I can’t say whether or not their intent was to confuse, but it did cause some confusion on our side. Couple this confusion with an incorrect staff note that was added to one of his accounts and things got even more confusing.

However, regardless of all of this, the standard moderation infraction system was used. Enough non-official direct warnings, official staff warnings and previous suspensions were accumulated to warrant further action. When further action was taken, let’s just say the response was not great.


lol oops