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No other forum I use cares.
Thread from 2007 when the forum first saw the light of day gets posted to again? - Business as usual.


GPP, Decrapify Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 “”“Review”""


Yes, I can see that happening, but not that often.


So, private msg ththe op first
necro the thread with the advise

Somehow id assume people would just skip to step 2


Thats literally my experience on just about any auto forum I’ve been to…unless its a small community like TDIclub for instance.


I think auto-locking threads is a terrible idea. There is no clearer signal that can possibly be sent to people that you don’t want a particular issue talked about than sticking a padlock on it. It’s the antithesis of open communication.

It is completely unrealistic to expect people make a case for unlocking a thread that should have never been locked in the first place. It is quite likely that the amount of time a person would have to waste preparing such a case would exceed the amount of time that they would have spent on the actual contribution.

That’s why people don’t/won’t do it.

Think of it this way: A country has a brilliant national park. The features of the park are broadcast by various forms of media far and wide. The park advertises itself as “open and inviting”. When you go there — to see a particular thing — the gates are locked. A sign on the gates says: “For entry, please complete a 1000-word application and submit it to the Park Administration Office in [a nearby town]. Upon assessment of your application, you may be loaned a key to enter the park. Or you may not. It all depends. On us. And whether we think you really need to see the park or not. Feel free to take photos from outside the park though — we feel that in the vast majority of circumstances, that should be good enough. If we choose not to let you enter the park, and you don’t like it, feel free to buy a plot of land nearby and start a new park. It’ll be just as good as the original. Just be advised that we may put a padlock on your new park as well. We have a never-ending supply of locks, so we need to keep locking people out of parks. It’s what we do. Have a nice day.”

Now, that example is patently absurd but, essentially, it is what is being proposed.

Automated thread locking” == “burying the issue” so it is less likely to be revisited in the future. Given the topic is necro posts, the irony is overwhelming.


We aren’t a hive mind, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the mod staff taking a flagged post (even posted by another mod) seriously. We do have disagreements and we work together to use our best judgement. As already suggested, if you feel the need to, PM another mod about the issue and we will figure out the best method of handling the issue.


I think that is called “guilty until proven inocent” in the broader sense.



That was more than a year ago,
Dont assume my reasoning


So, like , one or two topics citation?

Whats the lock to unlock ratio


At any rate,


Who cares? Make a new thread.

Those examples were within the last couple of months. If it’s a case by case basis, as they have explained for straight 24 hours at this point, what does it matter the ratio?

Stop bumping worthless threads. Make a contribution once in a while.


This is all my opinion, correct me if im wrong.

The main problem I see is the majority of necros are from spam or people who just signed up after finding a thread on google only to post about their problem which is only loosely related. Auto locking threads solves both. Yes there are exceptions but those are few and far between. In the case of the latter person, those people can make new threads about their problem.

For those few exceptions, all of those people are generally going to be regular users of the forum who ‘should’ know how to pm a mod and get their thread unlocked. It makes perfect sense to me and makes the mods job a bit easier.


Uhh, was that directed at me or what?


To the Internet as a whole:


Could have
New user
a basic user
Regular user
Permission. Level.
Can respond to “old” threads =true


Then instead of naysaying everything mods discuss try giving constructive criticism.


that could work too but idk if its built into discourse and dont even get me started on asking them for features.


I have been on here for over a year and it took until yesterday for me to get information about “get your thread back”.


but did you ask any of the mods?