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A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


no, it’s just that most people have no idea why this is an issue and are confused as fuck as to why such a big deal is being made out of an issue that is essentially a giant nothing burger.


You prove my point.


Sorry, I have to agree with Goblin. The two making the biggest fuss – One guy got banned for some reason way back and he’s still upset about it. The other guy had his megathread closed (but I think reopened?) when it was decided that megathreads should no longer exist.

Really, they’re not even mad about necro threads, but that “Mods do whatever they want”, which is untrue.

I think they’re both either trolling or bored because they have ample free time or have really easy lives? :man_shrugging:


Who’s the guy that got banned but is back and still mad that you’re talking about?


KuramaKitsune said he was banned for questioning a mod decision, or something along those lines. Said he logged in, was informed he was banned, went to Twitter and got unbanned.

Apparently a few others have refreshed his memory, and it didn’t quite go down like that. But, nothing to do with necroing threads :man_shrugging:


Ohhhh. Yeah I remember when that happened.

I thought you were inferring level1 :laughing:


Lol no, just echoing the sentiment of a few that I’m really confused as to why this is such a heated issue.

One guy even asked us to define “necro” and suggested we stop using it.

Necro == Resurrecting the dead

Necro Thread == A dead thread that was brought back to life with a new post


I guess we can implement Dark Souls logic, and nothing is ever dead, just Hollow.

So, when does a thread go Hollow? In the game, the theory is that the player goes Hollow when they stop playing, and their shell just sits around the bonfire or wanders the area.

Now I’m way off topic but a thread is Hollow when the OP stops responding? :man_shrugging:

Just trying to help o_o


I hope not, I’ve even got a :skull: for the default text. :smiley:


I feel like typing in all caps to convey how supremely confusing and frustrating trying to comprehend this issue is to me. But seriously, what is the problem? Why is this so important?

200+ replies, people seem irate as hell over what exactly? That moderators lock ancient threads? Help me understand. Is it the threads that are SO important to you? Or is it the moderators not disclosing the rules properly? If the latter, they have apologised for that, repeatedly. They have mentioned they are working on clarifying the rules, repeatedly. In fact, they have shown what I consider to be phenomenal patience in the fact they are eager for our feedback and they have not just locked both of the threads immediately. I don’t know if I would have the same patience, but that is why they are moderators and I am not.


The issue with linking threads its people wont click that link and you will get the same crap in the new thread that has one linked imo

Not to mention search on the forum is not very good

Necro rules is the only issue i have with how things are moderated, if its on topic on something that hasnt been fixed or closed then dont auto lock it because its a little old.

Example that makes me mad

I posted in that one because the game is still not released and there was conveniently a thread with information relevant still, I was told I was necroing even thought he game is still not released and continually being updated (one just happend last week) so my post was made into a new thread

i abandoned this thread because i am not reposing information for people that was in the previous thread and basically creating a new abandoned thread because of it


I want to point out that my experience with how forums are made is nil. This forum is run on “discourse”? “discourse” has options not available on any other forum I frequent [admittedly small at 3 others I go to daily]. I just found out last night that referring to another thread will automagically link that thread with the new one. That in itself is an argument for necro that I wasn’t aware of. But, IMO for the average person, like myself, that isn’t conversant with “discourse” they would skip over that link and never see the new thread. Anyway, like I said before, I will live just fine with whatever the consensus is.


When the whole no more mega threads thing happened though there was no warning or discussion. It was just hey, this thing you’ve been doing here for god knows how long is now no longer allowed. I can see why some might feel that way.


I understand. I recall they said they had a discussion among themselves, and promptly apologized for the lack of transparency.

On the other end of the stick, considering how this and the previous thread went, can you blame them? You can’t make anyone happy.

“Ask for forgiveness not for permission” is the perfect way to run this forum, because everyone just screams outrage about issues that aren’t issues. I mean, dude, locking threads? There’s no rule that says you can’t make 1,000 more on the subject. You can quote people from locked threads. You can like posts from locked threads. You can even message people from locked threads.

I am baffled. No, I’m not a Democrat Christian or Republican Muslim, or whatever the f. Just baffled. As someone that has been off and on various online communities for tens of years, this is the first time I’ve seen such outrage over a universal rule lol. Don’t necro bump threads, most forums I’ve been on have that rule. :man_shrugging:

“Just deal with it” sums up my attitude perfectly. It’s not about not liking people with different opinions, or whatever. It’s about letting shit go.


Which will be promptly dismissed




BS, dude. GPP, Decrapify Windows 10, and plenty of others have been reopened after a mod has been messaged.

Same with that Ubuntu 18.04 review.


How often does this actually happen


I have the exact opposite experience. This forum is the only one that necros threads. That is one of the reasons I’m baffled.


Personally I dont really have any issue with the way moderation is done already. I’m just playing devils advocate here.

The locking necro threads thing makes total sense to me. I’ve made this argument before but I will make it again here. Automotive forum threads are literally the worst because someone will make a thread about a problem and that thread will get necro’d repeatedly for years until its 40+ pages long and the information you are searching for is actually on page 17.

Its about making information clear and concise.


You’re still salty about your ban, stop.