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A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


If someone no longer wishes to be involved, but rather than getting an email with just “information”, it is much easier to digest being asked if they have resolved their problem first before contributing more.


I believe so.


That’s why it was closed?


No it was closed because it was an old thread. I believe 7 months since the last post. However the info in it still had relevance to me and I was hoping new info might turn up. That was why I was disappointed that it was locked.
The spam just brought it to the attention of a mod.


But you can still see everything in the thread? I can get there incongnito ? It’s just locked for new replies. And since we referenced it here, it automatically gets a back reference at the end of the thread.

So if someone has new info its like “hey there’s this old thread but here’s some new info” and that thread automagically links here?



I don’t understand.


Basically, you can create a new thread along the lines

[Links to old thread]
I have some new info that might interest you people and I am hoping to get some input that would also help me out.

What @wendell is referring below I believe


Check out the end of that thread. It links here now, automatically?


Like literally this post. Is linked to at the end of the closed thread. That’s still public.




I didn’t know that happened. This is the only forum that I frequent that uses whatever backend this forum is. interesting. I don’t know if the general public searching for answers would know this either.


I think this should be highlighted a bit more. While we welcome for anyone to dump an Olympic Swimming Pool sized of information and knowledge on this forum, posting that said Olympic Swimming Pool sized of information and knowledge in a dead thread that has either:

  • Been resolved if it’s a tech support thread for a particular user or a group of users who have the same query, or

  • Has been left to crust itself out for over 3 months at least

…is, unfortunately, another useless post. But as I said earlier, we do have exceptions on some threads.


I’ll end my night by saying that I frequent this site trying to learn a little more. It has a great group of people and I definitely appreciate all the knowledge that I’ve gained here.
A huge thanks to all the mods too.
Good night.


Hello Forum.

I missed a happening, so that means I’ve got a couple things to respond to, which I’ll try to keep positive.

Let’s preface this with one statement:

Leaders and Moderators are NOT paid to do anything. We are volunteers, just like every one of you.

It begins:


This is a Discourse feature. If you’d like this changed, you might want to file a bug report with the upstream:

If you’d like to discuss this in more detail and coordinate with me to get this sorted, I’d be happy to help in either another thread or a DM.

Now, about the leaders.

I consider everyone on the leadership team about as close to family as possible for people I’ve never met IRL. I care about everyone on this forum, as I hope my actions since taking the oath have shown. That said, the leadership on this forum is, in fact, a team, and I stand by my team. We work very hard to try to make this a great place to learn and have fun. With that said, I do not and can not tolerate people berating Moderators or Leaders for their actions. Criticism is completely accepted and welcome, as long as it doesn’t include personal attacks. If you have a problem, let us know, respectfully, since we strive to respect you.

Now, about bringing up problems.

If you have a problem, concern or issue, there are a number of ways you can bring it up for discussion.

  1. If it’s general policy and you are comfortable doing so, please make a thread in the meta category. (same as this thread is in) Leaders will see it and discuss/respond.

  2. If it’s about an action that a Leadership team member took, you’ve got three options:

    A. Talk to the member who took the action

    B. Talk to a different Leader

    C. Talk to someone higher up. The hierarchy is Leaders -> Moderators -> Wendell, Krista, Ryan.

  3. If it’s about a suspension/ban, either message us on Discord or use

  4. If it’s a personal issue with another member of the forum, please send a DM to a leader/moderator you trust. My mailbox is always open and I will treat everyone with respect regardless of personal opinions.

Here at Level1Techs, us Leaders (and above) strive to have a good relationship with the non-leader members of the forum and we welcome suggestions and respectful criticism.


I made a thread about stability issues I was having.
For necro-reasons, it is locked (whatever, was kinda sorta sorted out). But now that I have similar problems again, I would like to reference that thread.
These don´t do that:image
So the only option is to quote my own thread or link there?


You should get something like this

The reply icon (on non locked threads) also has an option to reply as a linked topic.


The first one, I get.
The second one would have been useful to have on the locked one.


Hmmm… This is interesting. I’ve been racking my brain trying to work out the true basis of people’s opposition to necroing threads and this comment touches a nerve.

If you are a “normal” user of a forum, you’re not actually involved in that many threads, so the number of notifications that you receive (be they via email or the icons in the top-right) are minimal. Minimal == manageable.

If you are a long-time, “heavy” user of a forum, you may have been involved with so many threads that — eventually — the rate of notifications from old threads (being revived) is so high that it starts to drown out notifications from newer threads.

Moderators, as part of their role, will get involved in threads they aren’t personally that interested in, so will resent old threads being dug up even more.

…aaaand that logically leads to the development and support of an aggressive anti-necro policy.

“Mods and heavy users don’t want their notification stream drowned out by noise.” — is this hitting close to home?

If it is, then perhaps we are solving the wrong problem?


Jesus ! Are we back in this drama cycle again… :frowning:

Take a break… try something different or new.

My fav… mmo’s :slight_smile:


Personally, i think consistency will go a long way to solving the necro thread issue. Dont get me wrong, I think the mods here do a wonderful job. This is just my .02.

I like written rules, that are free of ambiguity and personal discretion; something is either done correctly, or it is not. Rules should also be objective and not subjective, thus eliminating unmeasurable variables from the scenario.

That being said, I think the most logical way to control necro threads is to lock them after a certain amount of time with no activity. This rule can be clearly written, and objectively measured. As long as a link can be provided for a locked thread, and it’s contents are visible, this makes the most sense to me, as the information contained is still useful.

I understand where folks are coming from when they talk about “moderator discretion” and “contributing to the discussion”. However some of the topics brought up in this thread show exactly why those positions cannot be fairly enforced. One moderator has different standards than another, one person’s shitposting is another persons enlightened contribution.

Objective rules do not allow for flexibility; their strength is fairness.


When I signed off last night; in my mind I group leaders in with moderators. I wanted to make sure that the @leaders were aware of my thanks also.

I want to emphasis that I am, overall, very happy with the way this forum is run. I’m afraid that the necro thing may be akin to Democrat/Republican or Christian/Muslim in that one side can’t understand the reasoning of the other side. I would like to think that 99.9999% of the people are fine with getting along with each other [I try to be positive in life]. Necroing threads doesn’t make sense to me but I will live if that is the consensus.