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A Generic Forum Meta Discussion


So, we have a few users that want to give some input on how things work eh?

Generic meta discussion, not a lounge. Go.

Generic Forum Meta Discussion pt 2 (Thoughts, Improvements, Suggestions?)
Necro posts

ban everyone, done


Let me ask a critical question for every who feels like the mods have been unfair.

Why was nobody notified about it? If you felt like the mods were abusing their power than try and figure out the bottem of it instead of being upset that its happening. We take all feedback we receive but we cant improve if nobody has any feedback


they only wait until the fire is lit, then pour gas on it


“now you’re off topic”
And if I respond to that then I am further off topic

And as for what exactly I meant
I meant that whenever someone discusses the meta operations of the forum’s
either the users or the moderators get “sensitive” on the topic and end up butt hurt

Necro posts

Go. Shoo. There’s a new thread for that conversation.


Because flagging a mods post for moderation will also notify the mod in question.
Been there, done that. Was unpleasent and nearly reason to leave…


And herein lies the problem with anything dealing with the meta of the operations of the Forum

Necro posts

What exactly? You’re free to make a meta topic on things you think can be improved where they can get their full attention if you want, rather than inside someone else’s thread. But this isn’t a place to argue endlessly until you get what you want.


I’m quite happy with the moderation here. You don’t pounce on every meme in the Lounge, and there’s an effort to keep things fair and laid back.


Honestly I feel that there is a negative connotation about this threads topic name tell moderators how to do their jobs seems quite negative and opinionated probably does not start off with the right mindset for fair and level-headed discussion


were you wrong? Y/N
if no, you shouldn’t be afraid of making an honest complaint.
If yes, then said mod was probably right.


then send a PM to a different mod or call them out publicly. You as a user can take more steps than just flagging a post.

Hell you could even PM a @admin about said mod in question. Work towards making the forum a better place instead of trying to unite against it


That is the entire point of the lounge the lounge is there for people to casually shitpost the lounge is not visible to unregistered users the lounge is also not visible to the public for that exact reason




press f5 and carry on


Flagged obvious politics post as beeing politics, then got called out for doing it.

I think the mod in question has not been on here in a while.


I’ve called them all out publicly and was immediately band for a week which case I contacted Wendell on Twitter and he reversed that probably telling the mods to let the whiny Kurama baby cry calling out publicly only gets you fucking band


This is not a lounge, minimize shitposting.


Then you were not wrong and have thus probably made things better for all of us. Nobody should be afraid of being black bagged just because they reported a mod. And if they are, that should be reason enough to go to the mods anyway. Nobody wants a tyrant.