A Gaming PC for the Sis

My sister and I have been console gamers for most of our lives. I've had a N64, A Game Cube, and many more modern consoles. Recently I found out about the wonders of the PC and how much cheaper it is in the long run. So, I watched multiple videos on PC building, got some advice from friends who have done builds, did my research and Built myself a Nice Gaming PC that I'm content with. Now, my sister comes along and sees this big black box with blue LEDs and tells me, "Build me one of those, I want it". She didn't really say that but I could see it in her eyes. Now, being the nice brother I am, I had scraped some money together for her PC and now want opinions on the parts I've chosen and which I should change and keep.

Honestly, I would rather she have a Micro ATX case because space is limited in her apartment, however, I've never worked with such a small case and I have no knowledge on what could fit and all that other stuff.

What you Actually Care about:


  • Budget is $800
  • We both live in the United States, Different states however.
  • I don't have any preference for the retailers.
  • Unless her Mac will work as a monitor as well as her Mac mouse and keyboard, then yes Peripherals are needed.
  • The PC will mostly be used for gaming as well as internet browsing. The usual stuff.
  • I've never overclocked before, But I could get into it.
  • The same applies to watercooling.
  • An OS is needed.
  • Stable 60 FPS and Normal+ Settings.
  • Would like to play at 1920x1080.
  • She likes to play Horror games, FPS', and Mobas.
  • This could go on for a while so mostly the main games out of each genre.
  • Mechanicals are her favorite.
  • I'm gonna assume she's a palm grip.
  • Black and White is the preferred Color scheme



http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2KmZ4 <-- That's what I've come up with so far.


Thanks in advance!


Stronger card, better hard drive. I took out the Noctua fans because they are completely unnecessary unless you are overclocking the crap out of something and don't have good airflow setup. At which point you should probably bet getting a radiator anyways.

EDIT: Is your sister using an iMac? If she is the screen might not work since I believe the screen is tied to only use the system, but I'm not sure. If you need a monitor you should be able to find a decent monitor for about $120. The mouse and keyboard should work with a PC if it's USB or PS/2.

EDIT2: If you need a monitor, this might work. It's slightly over budget, but only about $15 over.


first of all, don't skimp on the motherboard, or you will kill your system....

for 800$ with on OS, this build would be the fastest option for you


Same CPU as you guys chose, simply because for the price, it is very good

Also, same Hyper 212 EVO cooler for the same reason.

A Motherboard, that has solid build quality, and all the features you will need. Starting from great power delivery for that fx 6300, so it will work solidly, and won't throttle.

Better RAM (in many chases, the speed doesn't matter, but 1600MHz is pretty much a standard, and it is cheaper, and from a "better" brand.

XFX Radeon HD 7870 2 GB DD GPU. WAY faster than what you guys picked.

Storage: An SSHD. It is basically a 7200RPM fast HDD, with 8 GB SSD cashe, wich will give you almost SSD speeds for the most used applications, and faster boot times, when it get's to the usage cycle.

A White case with 4 fans pre installed, and the two in the front have white LED's. A solid case with great build quality, good airflow with no need for extra fans and very good reviews.

This would be a sweetspot for you, and would come for a bit under your budget :)


Actually, there is a feature on the iMac to use it as a display. I don't have a iMac so I haven't tested it, but it seems that you need thunderbolt.