A gaming PC For 500.00 dollars

Hi i was wanting to know what should i get for my new gaming build i all ready have a power supply it is a 600 watt and is 80 plus bronze. I will be playing battlefield 4, crisis 3, and Rome total war 2 on this PC. i also just got windows 8.1. i just want the best bang for my buck.

It's a little over budget... You could maybe go with a cheaper GPU.

I don't like the motherboard and CPU together; super old chipset and likely a weak VRM system along with a lack of cooling.



it's a little over but should play your games


You didn't say you wanted to overclock it to a piece of burning lava.

That motherboard will do just fine for what you need.

I'm more of an SSD guy, though, so I'd spend less on the cpu/gpu so I could squeeze in a small (100gb-) ssd for boot. or just go with the ssd, use a spare from say the computer you are using now, and wait until you can afford a larger hard drive. 

In fact, the phenoms are still pretty powerful (single-threaded performance wise) and amazing ppd. I've seen many builds with phenom x4 965's with higher-end gpus, and they run very well in game. 

Just my two cents.

the i3 4130 or 4330 would be a better option at the same price as they offer a higher clock speed its worth the extra I think even though you have it in there for the combo.

If he (or she) lives near a Microcenter, there is a combo for the i3-4340 and the MSi Z87-G41 PC Mate. It's a nice deal and I've been considering it myself.

But going off of what, was previously posted, I have put this one together:



i would go with AMD for this build because most games that op has listed, are GPU bound. so the FX6300 would be better bang for buck. since its cheaper. then the i3.

  • FX6300
  • Asus M5A97 R2.0
  • Kingston hyper X blue 2x4GB 1600mhz
  • Corsair 200R case.
  • R9-270 GPU.
  • WD Bue 1TB

Actually the i3-4130, as it stands, is cheaper than the FX-6300 at this point if you are solely comparing the two CPU's alone. But, if the combo is available for the FX-6300/M5A97 R2.0 at a Microcenter (if there is one near you, OP), it would probably be better to get that instead. Maybe substitute the Corsair 200R for a White NZXT Source 210 Elite to save a few dollars. And don't for get to put in a PSU that is 500W and 80+ Bronze certified if you decide to go with Angel's suggestion!

ya i realized after the mistake i made 


this one is updated

He has a 600w 80+B PSU.  Read closely :P

True, but still.  The boards with the 760G chipset weren't intended for the FX Vishera line, but for the Phenoms.

I personally wouldn't go for a SSD at this budget, but I suppose it depends on what you look for in a computer.

Would recommend MisteryAngel's combo. 

And I succumb to my own stupidity :P

thanks Logan love your videos