A friend needs a nuke proof pair of earbud headsets

I am sitting here at a friends house, and his cell phone head set has once again died due to a short. While I can fix it........again, it will only last another week tops.

He is looking for a new headset that is far more durable than your typical fair. Audio quality is unimportant. The only important thing besides durability would be a decent mic.

I am a bit at a loss here because I do not use ear buds, so any input would be appreciated.

Check them out. They make some of the most durable stuff of the market.
Probably a little expensive thought.
I would check out thermaltakes esports earbud headsets too

Massively on the other end of the scale!

For bargain basement i have fount that these have very reasonable sound and could survive about five or six times through the wash.