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A former White House security chief is deleting Facebook pages that criticise governments


Former White House cybersecurity director Nathaniel Gleicher has overseen the censorship of hundreds of Facebook pages. An array of these pages criticise governments and ‘the establishment’.

Gleicher, now head of cybersecurity at Facebook, has apparently participated in the removal of 599 political pages and 251 accounts – allegedly because they:

post clickbait posts on these Pages to drive people to websites that are entirely separate from Facebook and seem legitimate, but are actually ad farms.

In what looks like a coordinated move, Twitter joined Facebook in censoring some of the biggest pages.

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PS: I am at work and don’t have access to my main account so i made a temporery one to post this. (GentleVendetta)


#Delete all the pages!

Seriously, Facebook needs to die a painful death and its carcass thrown on the ash heap of history.


He work for Facebook. It is their party, they can do what they like.


Doesn’t mean anyone has to like it


Unfortunately, FB has the power to manipulate a massive amount of people because they are their own company and can do what they want. People don’t have to use fb but a lot of people do and are clueless and/or just don’t care because muh friends


Not my point.

Yeah it is shitty, but if this was an outside influence then it would be news. Unfortunately this is headline grabbing for procedure. Nothing out of the ordinary.


So now, the platform that has been accused of censoring conservatives, is now censoring leftist media sources. Am I getting that right? :roll_eyes:

Jesus. Who cares? If you spam nonsense or scream “cuck”, “bigot”, “Nazi”, or “SJW” at every reply, people are going to find it obnoxious. The rampant extremism on all sides to blame for this. Don’t like it? Pick another platform.

EDIT – And crying about a news source that’s funded by the Russian government? Not really going to get your point across, especially considering the current political climate.


Another social media platform accused of censoring one side or another? No I’m pretty sure its just algorithms seeing what’s popular and moving that up to the top and moving down stuff less popular.


Actually no, the article does not mention any ideological characteristics about the pages and the “deleter” is a former Obama administration official.


Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I took their complaints about Pro-Palestine, police brutality, and “progressive” channels getting banned indicative of left leaning bias.


maybe its till too early for me lol


Lol either way, I may have overreacted in my initial reply. I guess it makes more sense to ask “who’s surprised?”


So the few leftist groups that are ant Israel get banned? :thinking:


Please keep this as civil as possible, and keep the political bashing to a minimal.


Oh what ever. People need to get off facebook and have real debate if they want to talk about politics.


The way I look at this is Facebook (and all the other social media platforms) need to choose:

  1. be a platform, be subject to enforcing 1A.
  2. be a service, be personally liable for DMCA and other laws regarding illegal content.


Jesus! HA HA

I only posted this to show how willing Facebook are to facilitate ANYONE when it comes to removing content. (Don’t care about redVblue, I’m British we have our own problems :pensive:)

It seems like anyone with enough money or power just has to ask nicely if they want something removed.