A firewall that seem to hate international characters in the Computer Name

To make it a short story there’s this small business that are running their internet off some sort of Cisco firewall (DFL-something) that was installed a good number of years ago. It works fine and I’m sure it didn’t come cheap, so they’re happy to just dodge the oddity which is easy enough. It’s one of those things that you may see people leaving well enough alone, but had it been your own network then it would likely have ended in a personal crusade…

The issue: Whenever anyone connects to the network be it by LAN or WLAN, internet traffic does not come though if the system (assume Windows) is configured with a Computer Name contains international characters like Å Ä or Ö. There are a number of dumb switches and at least one access point involved, but i don’t suspect those. No domain login is involved either.

I’m curious if anyone have any idea of some sort of setting that might affect this kind of behavior, or if it’s more likely to simply be a firmware issue.