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A few tips for making healthy meals


Hey. I want to discuss the benefits of using a blender. For example, I use a blender when cooking soups. Sometimes, I mash, smoothies and various mixes, berry mixes. By the way, this well saves you from eating unhealthy high-calorie foods. Since it is possible to cook, this process is exciting and enjoyable. What do you guys think about this?



Do you blend whole meals, or just some healthy parts of it like vegetables and fruits?
How ripe/ fresh should they be? Like slightly under-ripe, or over ripe?

My folks had a blender as a kid, but I had a sweet tooth, so ruined the goodness of fruit blends with too much sugar :frowning:
But then again, as most of the nice juice cartons also have lots of sugar, I guess it’s not only me with a sweet tooth.



Oh, and I thought one tip was going to be like: spare the cheese, spoil the arteries or something



I’m not a huge blender fan. We had one, but all it did was encourage to eat 3 times as much fruit as normal. And while fruit is better than chocolate or such, it’s still a lot of sugar. Just eating the fruit as it is makes much more sense to me.
That and cleaning the damn thing was a nightmare.



I like it for home made salad dressing, I can use the much healthier olive oil instead of the 10W-40 found in pre-made. Plus I can experiment, and it’s a great way to get rid of those spices that have been on the shelf too long.

If I put soapy water, blend, clan water, blend and repeat once it cleans up nicely. Then I don’t have to look for the o-ring, I always seem to lose that when I dissemble to clean




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