A few questions

Hello forum! I sort of have a few questions on a build that I use. Let me start off by listing what the specs of my PC are currently.

  • GPU: MSi Radeon 7870 HAWK
  • CPU: AMD Phenom 965 II x4 Black Edition
  • RAM: 8gb of DDR3 1600 MHz

I was wondering if this could run BF4 at like high with good FPS (like 60+). Also, when the time rolls around (Christmas) I am thinking about upgrading, I will have a $400 budget at Christmas time. Do you think I should get a better CPU or GPU to play these new games such as BF4? Thank you for your time if you read this, I would really appreciate some feedback from you wonderful people.

i'm kind of just putting something together than will run greatly that isn't based on a budget cause you haven't stated one. 

your ram is fine and will be fine for a long time. 

 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1CJD4 should do the job for bf4 on a single monitor. 

I don't have the money to upgrade both parts, that's why I asked if I should upgrade my CPU or GPU to be able to play BF4 or these next gen games.

Add another 7870 and you should be golden. You might notice some bottlenecking with the Phenom II X4, though. I would consider upgrading to at least an X6 at your earliest convenience.

That is what I was planning on doing, I was going to upgrade to an 8350 at Christmas time. I will still probably have enough for another 7870, but my 7870 is discontinued ;___;

Bump? I didn't see any rules about bumping so bump I guess lol

The 7870s are still available at a lot of retailers.  I do believe you can crossfire the HD 7870 and an R9 270X, as they're basically the same card.  7870s are usually cheaper, though.

That seems like a good option for me, I would love to know if I can in fact crossfire those 2 cards.

Yep, they do CF.


Really? He stated $400 in the above post and you quote something for $129 more? -_-

If you have a motherboard that is FX compatible (not all older mobo's are) I would get a FX6300 six core to go with your 8GB RAM and then another 7870 to xfire, or 280x as mentioned.

FX 6300 6 core.


Two 7870's in Xfire


That will run anything for a few years yet.

Yeah, and make sure your motherboard is up to par for the power draw of the FX-8350.  You need pretty decent cooling and VRMs to make sure your motherboard doesn't die on you.

I mentioned the 6300 6 score, not the 8350 8 core - but your comment is still valid none the less.

I have no idea why I referred the the FX-8350.  Weird of me...