A few questions (Linux, Code, School...)

To begin, I really dont know where this should go but if anyone can help me that would be amazing.

First off I have a desktop with windows 7 on it and I wish to write code but I hate using IDE's etc, I have bee nsuing linux mint on my laptop and writing code in a linux environment is much better IMO. Is linux really better for doing that kind of thing?, I have an extra HDD id be willing to deidcationg to a linux OS.

Next, coding and programming. I have started with a few languages (learning hell world's in various languages) but i want to get more into it but without having a good project to work with I lose interest quickly. what can I do about this? also I have been using a free version of sublime text 2 to write in.

Finally, school. I'm going to college next year for networking and DBA, what is a good way to practice this ahead of time, i'd like to get abit of a head start and what are some of the things i'll want to know ahead of time?

thank you so much in advance to anyone who can lend a guy a helping hand as i know this is alot to ask...

Yes, Linux is much better for development; the software is there, and the users support it with a great community. 

As for the projects, there is no way to stop you from losing interest, that is just you. Try doing more interesting projects, or a different language.

Practice networking, etc., by messing with server-client programming. Java and C#  (especially C#) are fantastic for network dev.

thanks brennan thats what I was looking for! I'll give that C# a try shouldnt be too hard my main language was C (where i went furthest) so it hopefully wont be a tough transition!

I loose interest in projects quickly too. I keep detailed logs of ideas for my projects, big or small. I usually always go ahead and do the small projects right off the bat. Usually one or two days of coding then it's done. But ya, I just keep logs of my ideas and work on them when I feel like it. In fact, I keep a whole folder on my Drive so I can write from anywhere. It works. As for prefered OS for development, I make do with Windows. I would much rather use Linux, but I have to use Windows for certain things. Dual-booting is not an option for me. 

ah all of my prog practice has been in linux... I just think its easier, but good luck to you mate, maybe when i get better we could work on something together. One thing that would help me keep interest is having a partner.

I have some fairly ambitious projects in the pipeline. Hit me up; I've got all summer. Yes, Linux is generally much easier. Once you get everything set up in Windows, it's actually not too bad. 

hey again saps your in my other thread too! thanks for all of your help man, do you have a gmail or some other way we can get together and chat I'd love to help out and learn alot in the process as I do not know very much right now but I really wanna get into it I have all summer as well!