A Few Questions About Audio For My Console Setup [UPDATED Check Edited Description!]

When I was on my console kick a while back, I actually forgot at the time to ask about a topic which I hadn’t given much thought to: audio. :facepalm: But better late than never, right? :wink:

Now, the consoles that I have are the PS2 Slim, a Wii U, & the original Nintendo Switch. As for the PS2, I know I can get audio out of it by simply using the AV Multi Out to RCA cable if I were to hook up to like an older tube/crt tv; no problem. And if I chose to use it with like a modern flat-screen tv in the future when it’s feasible & when I’m able to, thankfully I have an RCA to HDMI converter/adapter that I got off of Amazon. So at least that won’t be an issue.

However, since the Wii U has a different type of AV Multi Out port on it, I was wondering if any cables for it exist if I wanted to get audio out of it? Also, I think if I remember correctly that HDMI can provide audio as well, but not sure if it’s dependent on like the version or whatever. [Feel free to correct me IF I’m wrong.] But yeah, I just want to explore all viable options on that.

And finally, for the Nintendo Switch, I know it has a headphone jack on it & some pretty okay sounding speakers, but I’m not sure if it actually has Bluetooth or not. :thinking: Still, since I choose to use my monitor as a display for my console needs, it’s not too big of a deal. :slight_smile: My only concern with using the Switch with my monitor is if I could connect my speaker to it if I wanted better sound? For anyone wondering, I recently bought myself the LG UltraGear GP9 after watching the ShortCircuit video of it on Youtube. After also checking some reviews, I felt like it would be the perfect addition to my setup since I had been needing speakers for SO LONG!

Anyway, I’m glad I finally decided to ask by putting this out there getting it off my chest since it didn’t occur to me at the time. :man_facepalming:

04-05-22 Edit/Update: I forgot when I made this post about a couple other questions I have here: 1.) For the PS2 Slim, I literally only own 1 physical game disc & I’ve noticed that I’m unable to save my progress to the disc. So I guess I would need a save game cartridge or whatever they’re called? :thinking: 2.) Also, regarding the Wii U- I have tried doing a few search queries online, but haven’t managed to find a direct answer on this: Can the USB ports on the Wii U supply/provide audio or not? [In case you were wondering, I was kind of hoping to use my speaker with it. But if I’m unable to, then surely there is a reasonable/logical explanation as to why.]

Like always, if you happen to have any questions for me or need more details, please be sure to ask & I will answer back. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Yes. HDMI’s claim to fame is providing audio and video on the same cable.
In regard to the WiiU, I am not sure if there are such cables. you may need to get a converter box like a RetroTink.

Yes. This was just recently enabled in a firmware upgrade… but some people are having issues with this. You would need to verify which version of BT you setup uses and if it is compatible with the Switch. I think it only supports 5.0 and newer.

Honestly, with a RetorTink you can HDMI all the things that are not HDMI and call it a day. Otherwise you could get a Cheap Computer Speaker 5.1 setup that takes in SPDIF, RCA, and 3.5mm as audio options and then hook up the video directly to the TV using what is available.

In my case, All of my consoles connect to my TV and then I pipe the audio via SPDIF Optical (TosLink) to a Klipsch Promedia 5.1 system (I have two, one for the PC and one for the living room). These are are almost twenty years old and can be had for about 100USD now. I paid for mine brand new back in 2003.

Thanks for the reply. :+1:

Yeah, I remember talking with a Geeksquad agent in-person about this right around when I posted. Thankfully, he was VERY knowledgeable & he basically said my best option would be optical. I have since then done my research.

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If any of you have reached the bottom looking for the most recent comments, DO check the description which has been updated if you haven’t yet! :+1: Hoping someone might be able to square away the other questions I have.

Yes. There are a lot of adapters. You will even be surprised by their number. there is an adapter for AV\HDMI