A devlog on how im making a game

greeting anyone who may be interested in this.
i am here to log a bit on how to do a game from scratch

any input will be taken in consideration
little bit about where i am coming from, i am not a programmer and i know my art is shit. anyway that isn't stopping me!

moving along on the game, first things first is prototype the game.
something that many people forget is this stage, for rapid development i tend to use love2D to cobbled something together. (if you want to try it u need to get love2D engine for your respective os)
one level prototype file
(controls are arrows and space)

anyone who isnt gonna download the game, in short its a pipe game where you make connection from A to B, simple enugh but i did add a small form of challange by locking the controls down a bit

now im working on the engine for the game, il be using a custom c++ engine made by me and a friend.
currently its solid on windows but im looking for porting it to both the mac and linux

I'm looking forward to following your progress.

i do got a question for everyone.
the current game is keyboard only input, is that a problem? would you like to play this with a mouse or a joystick?

update: got a windows build u can try
windows tek demo
controls are:
arrows and space to o move and interact

change level press 1 2 3 or 4
edit mode is f6 u can use A and Q cycle true a tile
save a level is f5

if anyone wants u can share ur save files

the music u hear is by TinyWorlds from http://opengameart.org/
its public domain but i feel like credit is needed if i use someone else work

there is a bit of delay on the linux build since im having isues