A detailed guide to VGA Passthrough (with UEFI + Virt-Manager)

The tutorial: http://www.xenxier.com/articles/vga-passthrough-1.htm

Disclaimer: My website is still under construction, so it looks a bit ugly still. I'm working on it ;)

(I'll post it here as soon if the mods can fix the issue I'm having posting it)


Made an account for this. Got really excited about this tutorial as it's the only one I've found so far that uses Arch and Virt-Manager with KVM. Could you post a link for the completed how-to when you get done? Thanks!

Cheers! The tutorials done, but I'm having trouble posting the rest of it. @wendell is working on it afaik, but if I still can't post it I'll probably link it externally.

Excellent tutorial.......thank you!

Sent you an email so if you get time I'd love to see that tutorial in full. Also good luck fixing your posting issues!

No problem!

I've put it up on my website temporarily here: http://www.xenxier.com/articles/vga-passthrough-1.htm Have fun!

Have you considered adding this tutorial to Community (experimental) Wiki ?

I've posted in the thread :)

sudo nano /etc/udev/rules/10-qemu-hw-users.rules

When trying to save, it says that it can not find the directory. Did you mean rules.d instead of rules?

sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/10-qemu-hw-users.rules
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Good find! I've edited the wiki article to resolve this :)