A CPU for a gamer?

Wazup home dogs. I was just wondering what CPU i should get. I have a $200 budget for the CPU. I am a gamer and i edit HD video from time to time. Which processor should i be considering? Oh yeah I'm only going for intel. AMD I ruled out completely.

Why rule out amd? You could get much more performance in your price range.Â

First of all, welcome.

If you have a $200 budget for the CPU, what is you're motherboard socket? 775, 1366?

If you're running 775, I would recommend a Q9550, $30 over you're budget but well worth it.


And if you're running 1366, you're screwed, you cant get a socket 1366 CPU for under like $280.

Exactly what I was going to say.

[color=#a6a6a6; font-family: verdana; font-size: 11px; line-height: 18px]"AMD I ruled out completely."[/color][color=#A6A6A6][size= 11px; line-height: 18px]
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Because of this I'm not going to help. This just tells me you've already made up your mind, and are not open to advice, so it would be a waste of time [/size][/color]

Price comparison
What you get


I really want to know WHY you would rule out AMD. I am not an avid lover of Intel as a company, but I do respect their products.
I have several Intel based systems, along with several AMD based systems.

On a cost level, You can get double the cores from AMD for the same price as the Intel.

If you edit HD video, rendering with 4 2.8Ghz CPUs will get the work done faster than 2 3.16Ghz CPUs. as long as your compressor program can handle multiple threads

FUCK YOU DISSING ON AMD LIKE A LITTLE BITCH.Just kidding.I second Humorous says if you're going intel.

I have never owned a system with AMD so i didnt want to use it for my first build. But if you people say its a good processor. what are some AMD processors that are good for around $200

See my earlier post, Click on AMD

oh just to add to my post above. if AMD has such high clocked processors then why are they below in bemchmarks?

Because, theres difference in architecture and also there are different cache amounts. The speed isn't everything.

Oh, and also the thread name is "CPU for a gamer". AMD usually only tends to be slower in benchmarking apps, and renedering.

so its faster in gaming and things of that nature?

at 189 you can get the phenom 2 940. at 230 you can get the q9550 from intel which is a better of a processor than the 940. or for 245 you can get the phenom 2 955.

i dont think you could go wrong with any of those choices.

Here are some benchmarks. Just scroll down and take a peek.

    - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/260318-28-phenom-benchmarks

I personally have the phenom II 940. It's a great processor. Does everything I need it to do without a hiccup. It's more than enough for all the current games and more in the future. You should focus on the graphics card more so than the CPU. That has the greatest affect on fps. I think the general consensus for building a build goes in this order:

    - Graphics card, Motherboard, CPU (and heat sink if you will), Ram, Power supply, all other components

what does black edition mean?

Black Edition means it has an unlocked multiplier...better OC'ing capabilities.

Well If you don't have an AMD motherboard man....then your going to have to buy one...which will make you be spending over your 200$$$ budget.

it was a $200 budget for the CPU not including the motherboard.

E8400 dont know how much it is in America but you can OC to 4.0Ghz and runs stuff good???