A Console Tv

I know that a monitor is better than a tv for pc gaming, but i want a 32inch tv that acts like a monitor (low response time ext...). Could you help me please internet? Remember, it is for my wi u and i want a 32inch freeview hd tv. I live in the UK. Could u help me find one?

Hey man, tbh, for a Wii U, u dont really need amazing response times or Hz, just get pretty much any 34 inch TV with Freeview! :D

I've used a 32 inch Vizio 720p TV for years and things looked decent but I've always needed to turn on AA for PC gaming.

Last year I upgraded to a 1080p 32 inch TV and it looks amazing! I really have no need for AA anymore. Most TVs today have a low response time. I think anything below 12 should be good, but 8ms or 6ms would be great. My TV is only 60Hz but things looks smooth and amazing!

My TV is no longer listed but this one is pretty much the same:



Just to give you an idea.

Remember, I use this for PC gaming as well as my PS3. I hook up using HDMI and there is some tweaking involved but the results are very nice. Hope this helps.