A colossus lquid build?

i've seen the case review from the channel and Logan has successfully convinced me to use that instead of a prodogy M as a liquid cooled case, but i still can figure how should i set up to cool the matx board and the 780ti, i've brought the card and cooling bloack and the mother board and the cpu, but not the PSU and the case and everything that goes with it yet, i want to know that what i'm gonna buy WILL work...

so... anyone has a bitfenix colossus; a long nvidia card, and a bunch of rads and pump to make a build guide?

i wanna make sure that what ever pump, psu, tubing and rads; cuz i'm dangerously low on the buget for high end stuf ( i mean i can still buy quite a few stuf, but no money to lose by resaling it at a lower price) for now, just pretend i have infinite money but i can't resell anything