A cheap gpu for a non-gamer, non-editer?

And you need a cheap GPU for your editing rig or your dad’s system now?

Just go on Craigslist or what ever and get the cheapest GPU you can find.

My dad’s system. Except this should have integrated like ruffalo said. I thought that it should. But all of this is irrelevant if I can’t get it to boot properly.

Have you confirmed that his Intel CPU actually has integrated graphics?

No. I’m not sure what model it is. I need to try and find the box.

It should still beep on launch even if it’s not integrated though, correct?

used r7 250 ddr3
People bought them to try dual gfx on the APU’s
don’t pay more then 30 bucks
but your cpu should have an igpu
Is that you mb?

Yup that’s it.

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Was going nuts looking for a motherboard manual
"Oh the internet"
Felt like a moron as I broke the tablet :slight_smile:

I have a 710 that works OK for me. No heavy gaming, just light gaming @ 720. I saw those EVGA’s a few months ago and they are pretty cheap w/warranty.

They seem to have changed the page a bit. Some of the cards are 128 bit, some 64 bit, 1 or 2GB, DDR3 or DDR5, and now they don’t seem to be showing all the specs like before. If you hunt through it you can find something pretty decent for the price.

The Gigabyte board isn’t going to beep if you don’t connect a speaker to the header.

R7 250.

It’s been in my Dad’s system for the last while and is in plentiful supply. For YouTube watching and web browsing, it’s good enough to handle Chrome GPU acceleration.

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Monitor has speakers, so sound should come through hdmi right? But it’s not recognizing the monitor alltogether so maybe that’s why.

No, the beep sounds go through the header where the power/reset/powerLED/HD_LED are located, generally speaking. My computer is a similar Gigabyte board with HDMI and no speaker plugged in and I’ve never heard this machine beep since I built it.

Aah hmm. Makes sense then. Especially since it looks like the B85 chipset doesn’t have an igpu?(https://ark.intel.com/products/75019/Intel-B85-Chipset).

No, the iGPU is integrated in the CPU, not the chipset. There are a couple of CPU’s that could possibly work in that board that don’t have an iGPU, but more than likely a desktop Intel board has a CPU with integrated graphics. Plus the board has an HDMI port on it which hints that it should work if the appropriate CPU is installed.

Bust it down to bare minimum and see if it boots. Just today i fixed a super whacked out system that was caused by the owner leaving his old proprietary wireless keyboard and mouse dongles in place and started using a new wireless setup. The 4 wireless dongles + USB 3 ports next to them caused all sorts of intermittent issues. Unplugged the trash and it started to work. Amazing!